How to tell if you are a Verbal Physical or Emotional Abuser

Signs To Look For That Might Indicate That You May Very Well Be A Verbal, Physical, Or Possibly Even an Emotional Abuser:

This article will examine some of the different types of various abuse that can be devastating to experience, as well as just as devastating to be the actual abuser.

Let us ask ourselves, First of all, Do you wake up in the morning grouchier than a bear, to find yourself either insulting your spouse, or maybe just even hollering profanity and criticizing at, or towards one or more of your coworkers?
If you had answered, ‘Yes’ to either of these questions, then you yourself, might just be that of what they classify as, “an emotional abuser”.

There are a vast array of different types of abuse that many of us have either been the victim to, or possibly even the abuser. First of all, you do not necessarily need to have physical contact with another individual to be considered an abuser. It may just be that you are frequently mocking a particular person with rude gestures and/or comments, or maybe you tend to verbalize some of your frustrations onto that of another coworker, or friend by constantly disrespecting them as human beings, by uttering harsh words, or by name-calling towards them.

Either way, it is classified as abuse, and absolutely nobody should ever fall victim to this, not you, and definitely not the ones that you are possibly directing your unnecessary comments to.

Other common forms of abuse include: ‘Physical Abuse’,’Emotional Abuse’, as well as ‘Verbal Abuse’.

In order to help ourselves to determine whether or not you we are an abuser, first and foremost, we should look at a few examples of the different types of abuse;

‘Physical Abuse’;
Usually and most often involves striking at or hitting another person, or even possibly attacking a poor, innocent animal. Physical abuse can and often will leave bruising as a visual sign, but it also leaves the person being who is being abused, to have to often seek numerous sessions of therapy or counseling in the near days ahead, to help assist them into their future recovery, as well as to mend the internal scars that are noticeably traumatizing during each and every struggling day.

‘Verbal abuse’;
Often including the use of foul language that are addressed to another being, or even simply yelling or shouting obscenities towards somebody. Although ‘verbal abuse’ does not leave any visual, outer scarring or bruising, it often requires the abused individual to have to seek out counseling to help them overcome any possible loss of confidence that may have been disrupted while the verbal abuse was previously taking place.

‘Emotional Abuse’;
Often resulting in the constant knocking down of somebody’s self-esteem and self ego, by often being told that they are less than what they should be, or “You don’t do this right”, or “You’ll never amount to nothing in life”. This is also a type of abuse that if gone on for too long, it too, can require consistent counseling for the abused individual as well.

Ask yourself, “Am I a Verbal, Physical, or Emotional abuser?”. If you answered ‘Yes’, then it would be highly recommended that you seek medical attention from a recognized and trained therapist for this behavior, as well as reactions need to commence.
Maybe you still feel as though you are not that of an abuser. Either way, if you or somebody that you know is involved in abuse, whether it be that they are a victim, or maybe they are not aware that their actions towards somebody else may be offending or even ludicrous.

If you are ever at your workplace, or even attending school and you happen to notice that somebody is being abused or bullied in any of those ways mentioned above, DO NOT hesitate to speak up and inform somebody of higher authority, so that the victim of this abuse can return to a happily functioning atmosphere, and that the abuser will get the needed help that he or she requires. It may be that the person abusing may have been the victim to previous abuse in their past. Let us stop the violence, and we can all live in peace and harmony.