How to tell if you are a Verbal Physical or Emotional Abuser

How to tell if you are a verbal, physical or emotional abuser. Is it something that you really want to know? Could you be an abuser? An abuser, does not have a distinctive look but they do have distinctive characteristics and however no two abusers are alike. By the end of this article, I hope that the definitions of verbal, physical and emotional abuse will be more clear to you, and if you discover that you, yourself are an abuser that you will contact the proper authorities and get your self the help that you need. Keep in mind, I am not a doctor, nor am I able to declare someone an abuser, but through my years of College and many term papers on a subject I feel so sensitive about, I feel that I could in my own opinion identify some characteristics of an abuser.

Am I a verbal abuser?

Verbal abuse, is more commonly identified as name calling through the use of what we would consider to be “hurtful words”, verbal abuse can also be in the form of threats. More commonly, verbal abuse is when words are used to be hurtful and over time the victim of this form of abuse begins to deteriorate inside. Their self-worth and self-esteem begin to lessen and eventually the victim falls into a state of depression. Unfortunately, the only way to identify a victim of verbal abuse is by witnessing the abuse or over time the after effects of its harshness and damage.

Am I a physical abuser?

Physical abuse, sadly is when someone is physically hurt by another person and their intentions are just that. Being hit by someone with their own hands or with any type of object is considered physical abuse. This is a form of domestic violence and it is the easiest form of abuse to identify because the victim shows bruises and injuries and like verbal abuse the victim begins to deteriorate inside and like so their self-worth and self esteem begin to lessen and depression sets in. However, a victim of physical abuse begins to withdraw themselves and fear begins to take over the victim putting them on edge and the least little thing can make them scared and jumpy.

Am I an emotional abuser?

Emotional abuse is a form of abuse used to control another person, the tactics used are intimidating the victim, fear and humiliation, manipulating. This form of abuse is much like verbal abuse, the only difference is the victim lives with constant criticism and like all other forms of abuse their self worth and self esteem again begin to deteriorate as well as their self confidence. Through emotional abuse, the victim at some point begins to believe the abuser because the constant emotional feeling leaves them brainwashed.

Ways to tell if you are a verbal, physical or emotional abuser are, do you often call someone names with the intentions of hurting their feelings? Do you ever physically hurt someone regardless of if you know them or not, and do you use manipulation and try to control someone? If you identify with any of these characteristics, you just may be an abuser and help is available to you and is also available to the victim. Keep in mind, not all abusers were once victims of abuse themselves, and abusers can be men and women.