Space Seti Exploration et Alien UFO 57 Species Seargant Clifford Stone

57 Alien Species

Catalogued and documented they still go unnoticed by the general public. Until I noticed this article on the web I had no idea they even existed. According to Sergeant Clifford Stone, someone who worked on many top-secret government funded projects they do exist. So are we alone in the universe.

Anyone who’s ever seen the movie Contact couldn’t possibly disagree with this theory of other life out there. It would be an awful waste of space. Yet how is it that people worked so hard for the disclosure project to happen, and the general public still has no idea of the revelations still unexplained.

When these videos were released, somehow You-tube was flooded with other silly copycats, burying the findings we were searching for. Is this another effort by the powers that be to cover up any information the disclosure project released, or is it just another coincidence in the search for aliens. You can see for yourself at There were press conferences and media, yet the general public was left uninformed and left out in the cold for the most part. I never saw any commercials on my local channels letting me know this information was being released. Also, we had people with top-secret security clearance speaking on these topics, yet there were no specials on any of the morning news shows.

The government tells us that UFO sightings are easily explainable. Yet why do they sink trillions of dollars into space exploration and satellites that travel the universe? Why do we have projects such as SETI? I find it very hard to believe that nothing exists beyond our ozone, and even harder to believe that we have not had any contact. We have made too much effort. Why do we see sightings reported on the news then wiped clean from the Internet?

If our scientists were so advanced, I doubt we would have any starving people left in the world, so how do we have objects that can make flight patterns unknown to man until a video was posted online? With the help of the Internet and video sharing sites, there has been a tremendous rise in videos depicting aliens and unexplained flying objects. I’ve viewed many and some leave me stunned while others make me want to laugh until I cry. The ones that stun me aren’t always in English and don’t always catch your attention at first. Some of the simplest are the most unexplainable. You should go see for yourself before the files completely disappear.

I’m not personally certain about the 57 catalogued species, partly because I haven’t seen them for myself and I read somewhere else there were more than that. Though I do believe there’s more to this universe than mankind. We find new species on Earth by the hundreds each year. Maybe we just haven’t looked in the right corner of the universe. Then again, maybe we have.