Confident Women

The average woman wears many hats and is frequently not given credit for all the things she does, moreover she may even downplay her own efforts simply to belong or become a part of and allow her true talents to go unnoticed.

There were times girls were told they were to be “seen and not heard,” though I am not sure young girls today are being taught such nonsense, but there is a sense this mindset still prevails. Society has always put a greater premium on males and has aided them in their pursuits, whereas many women have had to use whatever means expedient for them to attain their goals. Because of these constant hurdles, their sense of self-worth and confidence are not as ingrained as those of the average man.

Often women in managerial positions are more prone to respond positively to their male counterparts than to other females. Many times they do this to gain favors from those in charge, who are usually males and who are in positions to advance them in their careers. It is natural for many women to prefer male bosses over females; however, they may overlook the fact that if female managers do not get the work done, those above them may deem them incompetent rather than give them the benefit of the doubt and source out the problems or issues. Many women in the workplace do not have the same flexibility as men. Women must work harder to gain and sustain respect in many organizations; they must act confident and poise at all times.

Despite the progress women have made over the last couple of decades, there are still those in society who do not believe in the equality of men and women. The prevailing mindset, even here in America, is that women belong in the home with the children and not necessarily in the work place even if there are children and no father in the home. Women caught in this conundrum become targets when they must seek outside assistance, such as social services to help feed and clothe their children.

The dilemma of being caught between those who believe the services are there for their use and those who deem them slackers not only eats away at their sense of worth, but it also has a negative impact on their children when they see their mothers helpless and unable to take care of them. Many times, it’s not because these women do not want to work, it is because they lack the confidence to interact with others in a typical job settings.

Women must also walk a fine line with respect to their sexuality. They are expected to be wantonly and saintly simultaneously, and if they overstep in either role they may be labeled and often find society consigns them to that place forevermore.

Women are expected to be strong, yet weak enough to bolster up their men, no matter how weak he may be. One of the reasons many women have problems with their self esteem is because they concern themselves with caring for others rather than fortifying and nurturing themselves. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but they should invest in themselves, no matter who is in their lives, husbands, children or job.

If women are to gain parity in the home, workplace or among other women they should be steadily improving themselves. They should take a couple courses at the local junior college and learn about something that interests them. Take up a hobby. They should always attend to their personal needs and not neglect themselves.

They should learn to accept themselves for who they are and for what they are. They should not allow others to define them. They should never be afraid to speak up when they believe they are right, their opinions will probably be as good as anyone else’s. They should always strive to love themselves, because only then will they be able to love and appreciate others and have that love reciprocated.

When they do these things, they will find their sense of worth and the notion they lack self esteem will become yesterday’s news.