57 Alien Species Clifford e Stone

When first launching into the research on Sgt Clifford E Stones’ claims of US military and governments concealing of information relating to discoveries of extra terrestrials in what is being termed the’ Disclosure Project’, it was with a heavy dose of scepticism and the air of devils advocate.

This guy’s claims of military and government knowledge of alien landings and survival has an air of authenticity due to his military status but little else rings true.

Any googling of Stone brings pages of information that for the most link back to articles written or put together if not by himself then his supporters. These, while somewhat interesting, are useless in establishing pure fact.

One astonishing failure of the searches was the lack of an authoritative dismissive of Stones’ claims by either the military or the government.

In searching the aim had been to dig the dirt out on this man. In this I failed. There were several denials of participation by some persons Stone has named as being involved and willing to stand with him. Their flat denials were not elaborated upon which could be taken several ways. Were the denials brief so as to abruptly end discussion of the ludicrous claims, or were they brief in that longer discourse may allow conversational slip ups that they didn’t want to get into with the media?

Either way they deny being supportive of Stones’ claims. My gut instinct tells me there will be some evidence of fraudulent activity out there somewhere on Clifford E Stone.

It is this lack of absolute denial from the authorities that holds the key to what is perpetuating belief in Stones claim that they have catalogued 57 varieties of alien species known to the top secret military department in which he worked. He claims they are humanoid forms originating from outer space and that crashed ships have been found with both dead and living bodies and that there are live aliens here on earth today.

Now perhaps I am naive, but if these claims were true and Sgt Stone was letting the cat out of the bag by releasing this information why is it that the documents he claims to have obtained are copies of those he says have conveniently disappeared from the military files, been inexplicably destroyed or can’t be released on a handshake promise of not doing so?

If I was running a TOP SECRET department my employees would have signed an agreement pertaining to the ‘secrets act’, under which they would NEVER be permitted to speak at large about their time in my employ.

If they went ahead and spoke in such detail after leaving my employ they would then be liable to jail time for breach of contract at the least. If the top secret project was so important that disclosures would hurt the nation I would then have the loudmouth disposed of, (disposal does not mean killed but immobilised by way of insanity perhaps.).

Throughout life we meet people who believe in the unbelievable.

On the whole they are not quite right by way of drugs and alcohol or other mental condition. It is unlikely we will ever meet a truly sane person who holds these beliefs. That doesn’t mean there can’t be any truth in the ETs altogether, it just means that a normally functioning mind will not give credence to that which cannot beyond a doubt be proved.

Having had very many strange experiences in this life, I do at times find myself believing in something out of the ordinary. In this case I don’t believe Sgt Clifford E Stone and his overloaded claim but I do think there just might be aliens living amongst us perhaps hosted by the human body in which they might co-exist. But I never do claim to be completely sane!