Does Extra Terrestrial Life Exist

Some people say that we the only life out here in the universe while some people state that we are not alone. There are even others who theorize that we are the product of alien experimentation while there are those who believe that we are the aliens from a different planet like Mars and moved to Earth long ago to avoid extinction and have long forgotten about our own technological advances. As for myself I believe still to this day that we were transported somehow from a far off planet to create new life and that we are somehow the successors of our own unknown pasts and our own failures. I have no hard proof of my theory but I do believe in other theories both scientific and theoretical that support my own.

For centuries man, woman and child have witnessed flying objects in the day and the night sky. There are ancient paintings, hieroglyphs and even petroglyphs that show the possibility of the existence of extra-terrestrial life flying what we now know and call today as spaceships or UFOs. What is the actual definition of a UFO anyways? A UFO by definition is an unidentified flying object. We see it flying both in space and on earth but we have no idea what it is or what it was. Some people state that UFOs do not exist but to see something that we can’t identify flying in the sky would fit the definition. As humans we just don’t know if we are alone.

There are several pictures and videos of alien lifeforms roaming around earth and even some that like to appear out of nowhere. Admittedly some of the photos and movies look hoaxed while there are some out there that look real. On the other hand since no known civilian has actually taken a photo or video of an alien that is labeled as hard evidential proof then we really can’t say what is real and what is a hoax. However life as we know it may not seem to be what it is or what we believe in. What humans believe in is what they see and feel. What humans theorize in is what they think and what they believe. There is a fine line between what is truth and what is a possibility.

The world governments have concluded that we have yet to find extra-terrestrial life out in space and on earth. Many say that they are lying and are attempting to cover up the fact that aliens have already arrived and have been living among us for a very long time while many also say that the governments are telling the truth and will let us know as soon as they know. If the world governments are involved in an international wide cover up then perhaps it’s for our own safety. If aliens truly exist here on earth and out in space, I myself believe that if the entire population knew about it, there would be mass hysteria. Fights would break out which could lead to ongoing battles and in the end a new kind of war. If the governments are lying to us about the existence of aliens then perhaps it’s for our own good and our own safety. Who’s to say that aliens are here to be our hope of survival? Who’s to say that aliens are here to annihilate us? I personally believe that like humans which are good and bad, extra-terrestrials also have a good and a bad side.

For decades, UFO organizations like “MUFON” and “CAUS” have been attempting to unveil the truth to the public about the existence of extra-terrestrial life. In the past they have attempted to breach the Area 51 complex in Rachel, NV. We know it as “Groom Lake”, “Area 51”, “Black Box”, and “Skunk Works”. We all know that it’s a former secret base that housed the U2 bomber project as well as our stealth aeronautics program. Allegedly Area 51 was also an area for radio active bomb testing. Many UFO hunters still believe to this day that crashed spaceships from interplanetary travels are stored here for research and development for our own purposes both military and non. The truth is that we just don’t know what the actual purpose of Area 51 is or was or what it held. For now the secrets of Groom Lake will remain a secret as security is tight and trespassers will be shot on sight if deemed necessary.

For me the possibility of the existence of extra-terrestrial life is no longer a question as I myself believe in the theory that aliens have already landed and have been here for quite some time studying us. Human curiosity has always been a study among us with researchers and medical personnel so why not with curious aliens? As humans when we discover something we continuously study it with an extreme effort to learn all there is to learn about what we discovered. I also believe that aliens have been doing the same thing to understand what we are and where we came from cause to them we might be aliens as well. The question is who is really studying who under the microscope cause even our own solar system is mainly still unexplored and again we as humans just don’t understand enough about ourselves let alone understand anything that is outside of our own solar system. 

To think and to say that we are the only intelligent life here in our own solar system let alone the entire universe is not only a closed minded thought but also a reckless one. There are billions if not trillions of other systems out there in the great unknown. As of right now we still don’t have any hard proof of intelligent life out in space but with the constant growth of our own technological advances I personally feel and believe that we will find other forms of life out there. When we do, I also believe that life as we know it will cease to exist and a new interstellar life shall begin.