Sergeant Stone 57 Alien Species

57 Alien Species, Sergeant Clifford Stone’s revelation at the Disclosure Project, adds light to the ongoing debate “Are We Alone?”. The Disclosure Project was a non-profit research project, and gathering working on full disclosure of the facts. On Wednesday, May 9th , 2001, over twenty military, intelligence, government, corporate and scientific witnesses came together at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. The total witness pool is over 400, and is inclusive of witnesses testifying to direct, personal, first hand experience, and the cover-up that keeps the information secret. Its main objective was to bring to the table facts on UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems.

Specialist Sergeant Clifford Stone (Ret.) served twenty-two years in the U.S. Army (1969-1990). He claims his covert assignments to elite UFO crash retrieval teams, under code names “Moon Dust and Blue Fly”, remained unbeknownst to immediate commanders, military colleagues, and family during his entire career. From under Stone’s secret shroud, he has concluded the U. S. government has catalogued and documented evidence of Aliens on Earth.

Narrow mindedness is not an option in the pursuit of truth. To stop at the gate of “Are We Alone?”, and not enter the realm of uncertainty, would be a violation of the advancement, and survivability of humanity. Sergeant Stone’s inference to a Alien presence here on Earth invigorates the appetite of knowledge. He is of a pioneering spirit that has given us the technologies we have today, and will carry us to the next level of humanity.

In the broad nature and reality of life there is a sequence of events that carries you from minimum to maximum degrees of intelligence. We evolve into what we become, not plummet on stage with no logical basis. Imagine a life form from another Galaxy who is 10 million years ahead of us in technology. If it took us 1 million years (from the ground up) to go to the moon, and create a cellular phone, just imagine where we would be had we started 10 million years ago. The questions and answers should always be our motivating force in our search of truth.

There is entirely too much universe to think we have the only stake in its survival. The planet Earth has to be watched, because what we do can adversely affect our universal system. Intelligent life, far superior to our own, would be the first to know of any destructive nature we exhibit. After all we are the primitive, experimental, new kid on the block, having fun with our new found technologies.

Primitively speaking, there are ancient treasures, and Bible passages depicting early man’s association with beings in white suits, and flying like birds in glowing objects. The relationship between someone who has never seen, and someone who is 10 million years advanced would be indicative of the inferior of the two on bended knee worshiping in fear. In a primitive frame of mind you idolize what you don’t understand, and create images to worship and display his powers. We consider ourselves intelligent life forms, but what would we do if we encountered such a highly intelligent being? Would we cower to Its exceptional power, or even run in fear of our lives? An inferior reaction would be the most common guess. When there is an ignorance, and a darkness to any truth or superiority, there tends to be a metal withdrawal because our minds have been compromised to preordained levels of comprehensions for the sake of control. Until we as intelligent human beings realize the true nature of our means and existence; that our mental wherewithal is controlled; it will be “Stepford Wife-Like” business as usual.

Those 57 catalogued Alien Species, may be just the ones we know of