Disclosure Project Alien Activity on Earth

When Director Oliver Stone released the film ‘JFK’ he brought to the mainstream, the grassroots Conspiracy Theory, which stated that Government agents have covered up the truth about who murdered the presedent. Now, army sergeant Clifford Stone, as part of the on-going Disclosure Project, brings to the venue of Youtube, an even older grassroots Conspiracy Theory – that Government agencies are deliberatly covering up evedence of alien activity on Earth, according to Sergeant Stone, the U.S. Army in co-operation with Governments all around the World, is activly researching Extra-terrestrial visits while suppressing their findings!

Here is the Youtube Link to watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFlo8a2pFso&feature=related

and the Disclosure Project’s Webpage is: www.disclosureproject.org

In the press conference shown, he states that it would take too long to describe the E.T.s he knows of, because he has personally encountered, or read reports of – 57 different alien species, that many of them have super-human sensory capacities, for example, determining the color of an object by touch alone, although they all have eyes. He takes questions from reporters and then evades them as aptly as any politian would. In a sense, he is a politician, a spokesman for the Disclosure Project, a movement which seeks to expose this alleged conspiracy, that covers up Extra-terrestrial activities.

He goes on to state, in one of the related videos, that scientists find it hard to believe that E.T.s would all be humanoid, this really is not so surprising, since they are after all inteligent and tool users, there just arn’t that many possabilities for such a being to be shaped. In a related video, he shows the assembled reporters a diagram of an eperamental saucer-shaped aircraft which employs thecnology which, according to him, was reverse-engineered from recovered U.F.O. parts.

My problem is these statements are like a sugar rush. Sweeping sensational statements – very little hard data. I would like to know more specifics, for instance, how does he know they are not all of a single species? We learn from the videos, that fifty-seven species have been catalogued! Much like H.J. Heinz, the Universe has 57 varieties of Visitors to offer, and much like ketchup, they are all pretty much the same. Humanoid, with really big eyes. Humans, we know, come in many colors, shapes and sizes.

Sgt. Clifford Stone is taking personal risk by bringing this information to us, because undisclosed government agencies really don’t want the people to know this, that is the impression which he wants to give us, but then isn’t it convienient that the Sinister Secret Gov’t is going to so much trouble and threatening people just to cover up the evidence? As he stated “absense of evidence is not evidence of absense” this is true, but it does not follow that the absense of hard data is due to a cover-up. It could be that the data just is not there in the first place!

I would like, as much as anyone, to know more about Extra-terrestrial Intelegent Life. In a Universe as big as Ours, it just isn’t likely that we are alone. Until very recently, astronomers had little evidence in other Solar Systems, besides that of the Sun. Orbital telescopes have made it possible to “see” extra-Solar planets, as described in this article:


The search for Life elsewhere in the Universe goes on. Some day, specro-graphic analysis of the atmospheres of Planets which are Light-years away, may show the presence of Oxygen and even clouds of water vapor, which would represent hallmarks of a Mother Planet like Our Earth! The above article is an example of hard-data, and of careful science, statements in it have been verified, but Sgt. Stone’s statements are a lot more likely to draw Public attention!

Another important point is that Muslims believe that Mohammed received the Koran directly from God, Latter Day Saints believe that Joseph Smith received the Book of Mormom on ancient gold tablets. Such is the Nature of Faith that it requires no evidence – to demand evidence is to deny Faith. For many people around the World, the existance of Benevolent Alien Visitors is an Article of Faith, clearly I am not among the Faithful, and it is not my intent to offend anybodies religious beliefs, but frightening as it would be to know that Earthly Humans are alone in the posession of Intelegence, still more frightening, that we are the inferiors of some god-like Beings who are going to control our destiny from now on.

Or for that matter, an over-protective and Paternalistic Government, which reserves access to Alien Technology!