Aliens Existance of Aliens Ufos Anunnaki

I believe aliens have been visiting earth for thousands of years. This whole planet could possibly made up of alien debris. there is a theory that the earth (in it’s creation) billions of years ago was struck by another planet. This planet already possessing life then seeded or implanted alien life onto earth at that time. I like to picture the earth without water. It looks in my mind like a plant that has been in a galactic collision. Leaving behind a moon and and asteroid belt as possibly some type of evidence. Not if but when aliens arrived they saw earth could sustain all their needs. They mined, farmed, hunted, and made this planet their own. These aliens also realized that through the collision and the seeding of earth there was a somewhat less evolved species that was much like them. The aliens grew tired of working and farming and decided to take this creature and manipulate its features so it would be more suitable for work. These particular aliens soon became gods and placed the first homo sapien in the garden of eden. They were called the Anunnaki by the ancient Sumerian’s. The Sumerian’s are credited as one if not the oldest known and earliest civilization. Aside from this story though there are many reasons to believe in alien visitation to our planet. U.F.O sightings, abductions, eyewitness accounts to actual alien sightings are just a few reasons to be interested. I personally have seen and believe some strange things that i have to chalk up as unexplained. I have heard many credited accounts from people in high ranking positions such as astronauts, police and government official’s. I also take into consideration that everything unexplained in the sky is not being controlled or flown by aliens or little green men. That leaves me to look at alien abductions. If aliens are abducting our people then why are we not hearing more about it? The truth is that until there is an actual legitimate encounter of the third kind, we are all left with nothing other then our own beliefs. I believe in the possibility of abductions as much as i do the actual existence of aliens themselves. I am a believer in truth and there are many more points to touch other then just the exploration or visitation to our planet. I am sure of nothing other then history and what it has revealed, having an open mind towards possibility and that i myself am an alien upon this earth.