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The Truth Is Somewhere

Sergeant Clifford Stone said in a video-taped interview that he previously worked on military top secret projects, including several stealth recovery operations of crashed UFO’s, complete with alien bodies both dead and alive. (

Sergeant Stone also stated that during this time that the U.S. government discovered and cataloged 57 alien species.

And here I am dumping Heinz-57 sauce on my steak.

I wonder if there is a connection?

I hope not. People are already scared to death that China will eventually buy all of America. The last thing we need now is finding out that aliens have been supplying us with our meat condiments.

Note again that in Sergeant Stone’s interview he said they found aliens. I assume the dead ones, at least some of them, are stashed away somewhere in top secret hidden storage.

Sergeant Stone never did say what happened to the live ones.

I’d really like to know because I have a neighbor who looks kind of funny.

When asked for a physical description of the aliens, Sergeant Stone said that a lot of them looked so normal that they would blend in easily with our society, that we’d never know the difference. Except that they might have heightened senses, like smelling or hearing.

Oh. So they’re dogs.

He also talked about “the grays.”

So they’re gray dogs.

But then he mentioned differences in some “grays,” speaking it seems of depictions of aliens with heads too big and black eyes that look bottomless and seem void of emotion.

Oh. So they’re politicians.

Of course, I’m just being facetious with this subject. Actually, I have a great deal of admiration for Sergeant Clifford Stone for having the raw courage to come forth now with all of this astounding information.. How hard that must have been for him during those times of giving loyal service to the U.S. government, forced to be one of the select few who understood firsthand that parts of our world were actually not as many people saw it. That we are, indeed, not alone.

Our nation owes a huge debt of gratitude to Sergeant Stone for being brave enough, daring enough, to put himself out there now, to reveal secrets long held. More than a few I think, including myself, believe him.

Of course we are not alone. The universe is vast and my guess is we still don’t know and may never know the extent and limits of it, if there are any. To assume that we could be the only inhabitants, and rather small tenants at that in comparison, amid and on this immense never-ending space seems beyond egotistical. Not to mention ludicrous.

So, me, I have no problem assuming we are not alone. As a nation. But challenge me to meet an alien face to face, one on one? No way. Just find me a private corner and leave me there. Hidden. And alone.

Sergeant Stone said in another video taped interview that these secret special investigators had to determine and label what their finds were, being “usually biological.” (

Which lets out non-biological matter,

Which omits most politicians.

And probably my funny looking neighbor.

Sergeant Stone said in that same taped interview that part of investigating crashed UFO’s was to discover their point of origin, where they came from in the universe.

That’s a bit astounding. These appointed agents didn’t know anything about these crafts, didn’t possess any knowledge concerning the occupants. Yet, there were people who could possibly pinpoint where these strange phenomenon came from?

How? When there are sure to be areas and parts of our universe not yet discovered. The aliens could have come from the universe, an unknown galaxy, even our solar system somehow. Or perhaps they can time travel. Maybe they came from the future, or another dimension. .

Whatever, the truth is out there (hmmm, seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before). Or in here. Or up there. Or over there.

Where my funny looking neighbor lives.