57 Alien Species are we alone in the Universe without Question


Sergeant Clifford Stone could never face the cameras nor an audience with the statements he has made re. 57 varieties of extraterrestrials – alien species – without experience, nor some knowledge of. The fact that this variety is counted, cannot change what Sergent Stone speaks of. Why cannot different planets have variable humanoid species, or others? No-one in their right mind would put their head on the chopping block of judgment, to be ridiculed further without good reason.

Having worked with the Disclosure Project, exposing cover-ups of the existence of such by the government, is pure guts. No-one – despite they admit to having had their own personal experiences – knowing the consequences of standing in the light of the public eye, is out to commit themselves to the insane. A government secret project is sane enough to employ some-one who is of worthy reputation, and Sergeant Stone was chosen.

That others formulate or postulate, does not and cannot change the fact that Sergeant Stone is not in this for the money or sensationalism, but the simple straight forward truth of the matter in this debate. When questioned at the International Press Conference Club, his eyes did not waver, nor his speech, even with the interruptions of variable questions.

It takes time between all experienced within the Special Operations with the United Stated Army, including the recoveries and investigations, not only of crashed UFOs but also their occupants. To spit all this out with interruptions and so little time, is like trying to fit 40 + years into one hour of time, and expect all the questions and answers to be covered. To expect this is both unintelligent of those seeking answers, and ignorant.

There are few who are brave enough to take what comes their way. Here, at the International Press Conference Club 2001, the inference becomes, International, and Sergeant Stone does his best in the shortest possible space of time to raise this subject of his own actualities. He seeks no acclaim, but simply states his facts.

What follows is one of many sketched blue prints – for the want of a term – of a Space Craft capable of faster than the speed of light energy propulsion. The door has been wide open to these types of craft, and the facts of individual experiences of extraterrestrial contacts – military or not – for generations. The subject is nothing new, it only intensifies.

If all that is required is proof, one thing alone which is proof of failure within the trial and building of such a craft, is the USA’s Stealth Bomber. This was intended to be a Space Craft with incredible power. Failure is not easy to accept, and therefore became the stealth of another cover up. This is proof enough of military involvement, past or present; denial or exposure. Earth is not alone within the entire universe; science just hasn’t caught up yet. Proof that science and government go in search of, if proof something is known.

When it comes to an extraterrestrial’s proof, one can be looking a person straight in the eye. Any ignorance is only a belief by others who think we are alone. To believe we are the only living beings in the universe is an unrealistic notion. Figments of the imagination do not insist nor persist. Sergeant Clifford Stone does not waiver between thoughts, beliefs, ideas, nor change. Assertions cannot withstand the scrutiny without some form of cave-in.

Give Sergeant Stone his due, and take more time to look into the real perpetrators of all cover-ups. Would there be any need to cover up if something was not real? Nor would the ongoing question remain… Are we alone in the universe? This subject matter will not go away until those responsible for cover ups and silencing, are either forced to admit all, or the world itself will stand witness to proof, without question.

Reference taken from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpAPxdjXLCQ and http://www.disclosureproject.org