The best UFO Books

The best UFO books were those penned by famed UFO abductee and researcher Whitley Strieber that relate to his alleged abduction experiences, observations and speculations for the future by and into the so-called alien “grays”, now so much a part of popular culture. These books including “Communion”; “Transformation”; “The Grays”, et al. These stunning, yet easily readable and understandable books detail the famed horror writer’s account of abduction experiences that started many years ago and went on for sometime, as the famed author desperately tried to communicate with the tiny, gray-skinned alien humanoids.

Believe that these experiences really happened to him or not, these books brought the possible reality of human abduction experiences to world popular culture. The books certainly opened floodgates, as the series of books helped make talking about alleged human abduction experiences by aliens more acceptable-stirring very worthwhile
debates not only into the abduction phenomena, but the overall UFO phenomena.

I, as a UFO researcher/investigator, have some sharp disagreements with aspects of what Mr. Strieber has to say. But even if he is just ten percent right in his books, the conclusions are potentially earth-shattering that a non-human race of beings, some even calling them “biological drones”, who may be working for another race of beings, are abducting human beings for some unknown reason-that may have profound ramifications for the earth and all of humanity’s future.

Already an established horror writer with such books as “Wolfen”, the abduction books have added a new dimension to Mr. Strieber. He continues to write to this day, adding well-crafted works not only on UFO’s, but the environment as well. He and his good friend famed late night talk show host Art Bell have championed the declining global environment, in part being responsible for the global environmental collapse movie blockbuster “The Day after Tommorow”. Although, there is not enough evidence to suggest whether or not the global warming is a natural-cycle…or from humanity’s abuse of the environment.

But his books on abductions and UFO’s, including “Majestic” a fictional novel about the Roswell crash, will always stand out as the best books I have ever read about the phenomena-even though I do not necessarily agree with large parts of what he purports. I have sometimes found Mr. Strieber overly critical of others, while not offering substantial proof of his own alleged experiences, except through marks on his body and sometimes ‘murky’ accounts of his own “abductive” experiences. It’s not to say that these abductions are not taking place, just that Mr. Strieber has offered no proof of his, and acts almost like some kind of “guru” or even a religious figure, using such titles as “Communion”. His writings at time seem arrogant and conceited.

The UFO phenomena is very deep…and extremely real. Whitley has done a service by bringing it to everybody in his books and movies, not just for those in the ‘know’. His website “unknown country” and his appearances on “coast to coast am” have done much to keep the subject of UFO’s, aliens, and alleged abduction experiences. Believe him, disbelieve, or somewhere inbetween, his books as a beautiful compendium of what may be happening when these UFO’s arrive on the Earth…and the space beings emerge.