The best UFO Books

There are many reasons to read UFO books. You might want to learn more about another point of view, might want to help yourself decide if life on other planets exist or you might just want a really good read.

But, where in the world of UFO books do your start? Consider these three books that have heavily influenced many other UFO books:

“Chariots of the Gods?” (1968) by Erich Von Dainekin.
“UFOs: A Pictorial History from Antiquity to the Present” (1979) by David C. Knight.
“Communion: A True Story” (1987) by Whitley Streiber.

If you look in the bibliographies of many UFO-flavored books, there’s one title that seems to popup over and over again “Chariots of the Gods?” by Erich Von Dainekin. This worldwide bestseller has since had its thirtieth anniversary edition printed, which shows there is just as much demand for it now as in 1968.

This is the book that began to ask questions about why UFOs bother coming to Earth in the first place. The hypothesis is that the human race has been benefited in one way or another from alien intervention, based on mythology, ancient architectural mysteries like the Pyramids and bits of pottery. This is one book that other authors keep referring back to, whether or not they are believers or skeptics.

Eleven years later, author David C Knight presented us with “UFOs: A Pictorial History from Antiquity to the Present.” This was a big, hardcover book that featured plenty of photos and images. This book is notable not just because it’s a lot of fun, it’s also a good reference point. I first read it when I was in elementary school and have fond memories of it many years later. This is one book I regret sending off to the garage sale.

And no list of essential UFO reading would be complete without “Communion: A True Story” by Whitley Streiber. If you ever wanted to know what it was like to be abducted by aliens, now you’ll know. The book became so infamous that even if you haven’t read it, you are most likely familiar with it through similar books or through parodies of it. You may prefer “Communion” (1989) the movie starring Christopher Walken.

The best UFO books are the ones you can get for free. There are many volumes in UFO literature and online, and they all have slightly different points of view and details, but their cost is usually the same out of this world. If you are interested in UFO books, try to get the most recently published one you can find, as this will have the most up to date information.