The best Books about Penguins

For those interested in penguins, you probably have watched numerous TV shows and documentaries on these creatures. However, there are plenty of books that you might want to read in regards to penguins. So far, there are many books that one can choose from in order to learn more about the penguins. One example would be checking up on the online store called Amazon.

The first book, which has five stars would be “Penguins of the World” which is written by Wayne Lynch. You can buy the paperback version of the book for at least $6.84 and up to $16.79 or the hardcover version for at least $12.13 until $25.51. For $9.95, you can by Lynch’s other book called “Penguins!” in paperback format.

The second book, by Richard & Florence Atwater, would be “Mr. Popper’s Penguins.” You can buy the paperback version from $3.27 and up to $6.99 or the Kindle edition for $6.39. Keep in mind that there is a recent live movie adaptation that stars Jim Carrey.

The third book, by Matthew Gasteier, would be “F U, Penguin: Telling Cute Animals What’s What.” You can buy the paperback version from $2.42 up to $10.20; or, you can by the version for Kindle for $11.99.

The fourth book, by Judy Sierra, is called “Antarctic Antics: A Book of Penguin Poems.” You can buy the paper back version for $2.48 to $6.99. You can also buy the Hardcover for at least $5.44.

For about $11.64, you can buy a new copy of the paperback version of “Smithsonian Q & A: Penguins: The Ultimate Question & Answer Book” by Lloyd Spencer Davis.

For about $29.49, you can buy the paperback version of “Little Penguin Handbook, 3rd Edition,” by Lester Faigley. For $25.60, you an buy the spiral-bound version of the book.

For $12.89, you can buy the hardcover version of “365 Penguins” by Jean-Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet.

SeaWorld has a list of other penguin themed books that you can pick up and read. You can get “Wildlife in the Antarctic” by Mary Adrian, “Little Penguin” by Patrick Benson, “Emperor Penguin” by Jean-Claude Deguine, “The Penguin” by Paula Z. Hogan, “Tacky the Penguin” by Helen Lester, “Penguin Summer” by Eleanor Rice Pettingill, “Another Penguin Summer” by Olin Sewall Pettingill Jr., “The World of Penguins” by David Santsing, and many others.

Be sure to check out sources such as SeaWorld, Amazon, Discovery Center, National Geographic, and many others to find books on penguins. Keep in mind that there will be even more books on penguins to be printed in the near future.