Books about Ufos

Any book written by author Jenny Randles is worth reading and her book UFOs & How to See Them is no different.

The author stood as the Director of Investigations with BUFORA for over a decade and is a leading expert on the history and phenomenon of UFOs. Her lectures are well received and her viewpoints are balanced and informative.

Published in 1992 by Anaya Publishers Limited, the book is titled UFOs & How To See Them. In the book, Randles gives a brief and engaging history on how UFOs’ presence unfolded throughout our ancient history and is still unfolding well into the present time, allowing the newcomer to the phenomena to become familiar with these events.

Always the mark of a good researcher, Randles writes her book with a balanced and factual view. In writing UFOs & How to See Them, she created a superb handbook for the person who wishes to hunt UFOs. The book teaches the reader to identify IFO’s well (Identified Flying Objects), which is important to eliminate confusion during a sighting. From natural phenomena such as weather, planets, meteors to space junk, satellites and man-made crafts, Randles effectively details why a person might mistake something normal or natural for a UFO.

What is great about this book is that it equips the reader to effectively organize their own sky watches and record sightings, including photographic evidence.

Randles provides –for the more adventurous reader- a map of UFO hotspots all over the globe and details places to visit in Africa, North America, South America, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Scandinavia and the United Kingdom. She provides case histories and names of towns and areas to visit that have proven to provide consistent sightings.

The book also introduces the fascinating and strange history and overview of crop circles.

The book simply and effectively trains the reader to identify the six most common types of UFOs, where they mostly show themselves and what could possibly be their IFO explanations.

Jenny Randles rounds off her book with cases that involved encounters and sightings that had happened to well known people, such as William Shatner, John Lennon and Michael Bentine.

UFOs & How to See Them is a compact 144-page edition that is a field guide and history book that puts the knowledge into any readers’ hands to become knowledgeable as a researcher. Certainly a book highly recommended for the novice UFO enthusiast and sky watcher.