Ufos Real Fake Hoax – Real

The issue of UFOs is potentially the most important and profound subject in the history of the human race.  For as long as mankind has been able to coherently organize his thoughts, he has wondered about his place in the universe, and whether he was the only entity in all of the cosmos.  Science is, in fact, very clear on this issue.  The statistics indicate that life is not only possible, but most likely, extremely abundant.

If science dictates that there is life elsewhere in the universe, then the question is not whether extraterrestrials exist, but whether they could effectively travel here.  The jury is still out on this subject, given our limited understanding of our reality.  Or, is it?  When one examines reports of UFOs, there is an obvious technological advantage that we simply do not understand.  These supposed sighting break all of our rules regarding the realm of physics.  Given our limited knowledge of propulsion, these sightings of unreal aerial aircraft are usually disregarded out of hand, deemed too impossible to exist.

When you look at the bulk of the evidence, the result is quite overwhelming.  Even when a researcher disregards all questionable sightings that could be the results of anomalous weather or other misunderstandings or misidentification, the remaining sightings are still very powerful.  These sighting have been reported by some of the most trustworthy members of our society.  Teachers, pilots, politicians, authors, police officers, military personnel, and every other conceivable member of our society have reported sightings.

These sightings of strange aerial phenomenon are nothing new.  In fact, cave paintings from early man even seem to show strange things that can be interpretedas otherworldly.  Throughout the history of art, you will find many paintings depicting objects in the sky of varying style and intent.  One must wonder what exactly these artists saw that spurred them to include these objects in some of their most prized masterpieces.

When contemplating things of this magnitude, we must ask ourselves, how much do we really know about our reality?  Polls tend to indicate that the majority of people believe that alien entities not only exist, but are in contact with some of us.  However, the world of science and academia dismisses these ideas out of hand.  This dismissal is based on an arrogant assumption that humanity has a clear grasp of the universe.  When one approaches the subject with a bit of humility and open mindedness, it is quickly apparent that strange things are not only occuring, but have been occuring for a very long time.