Are Ufos Real or Hoax – Real

There are a number of UFO hoaxes today and many of them are really quite convincing. Then there are amateur hoaxes that are very poorly done. Most of these come with a lot of sensationalism such as “Must See!” and “Real UFO!” which is usually a good indication that it’s a hoax. It’s surprising how many people fall for these bogus sightings but people typically believe what they want to believe and for some reason a lot of people want to believe we are being visited by aliens.

Nevertheless, not all UFOs are hoaxes. Matter of fact there has been countless military sightings in several countries around the world- all of which has been thoroughly documented.

Hoaxes are usually created by mischievous pranksters looking for a little excitement or lack of anything better to do with their time. Then there are elaborate hoaxes that take a lot of time, effort, and money. Why would anyone go to such lengths?

In most cases, elaborate hoaxes are part of a disinformation campaign to discredit the truth which is standard protocol when secret information or covert operations have been compromised. The best way to cover exposed intelligence is to debunk it.

UFOs have been around since ancient times which can be seen in rock art and several other archeological finds. Even some of the most passionate skeptics have come to realize that there are indeed strange objects being seen in our skies around the world.

Most unbelievers are simply uninformed. Anyone who takes the time to actually view the facts associated with UFOs would see that it is a real phenomena.

Governments around the world have been dealing with UFOs for several years. In the 1940s they were called Foo Fighters and they harassed both U S and German pilots throughout the war. American pilots believed at the time that they were secret German aircraft and German pilots thought they were American aircraft.

Churchill began an official UFO investigation as did Eisenhower. But in 1947 an incident occurred at Roswell New Mexico that began what is commonly referred to as the UFO Conspiracy. It was reported that a UFO had crashed but within hours the story was retracted. The government said it was a weather balloon rather than a disc which was what was first reported. Then the government changed the story again and said it was crash test dummies. Then once again the government changed their story and said it was secret spy balloons.

Thousands of people worldwide believe their government knows more about the UFO phenomena than they admit. Military officials have come forward and testified that they have witnessed UFO activity, many of which involved nuclear weapons.

During the cold war, the US and Russia actually had to establish a direct line of communication to avoid accidental nuclear exchange due to UFO activity around each country’s nuclear bases where nuclear weapons were actually activated by the presence of a UFO.

Today, UFO activity is increasing at an alarming rate. It’s as if they are no longer trying to conceal their presence but actually want us to know they are here. If they are secret military aircraft then whose military? The U S military seems just as baffled as other countries. Fighter jets have been scrambled to deal with them but the UFOs exhibit behavior that defies physical laws.

Scientists and researchers have been investigating and studying UFO activity for several years. If it was a hoax one would think such professionals would have figured it out by now. Instead, they have become so familiar with the data surrounding the phenomena that hoaxes are quickly identified and dismissed.

If UFOs are real, what or who are they? Where did they come from? What do they want? Do they represent a threat?

There are three main theories as to whom or what they are and where they originated. One is that they are aliens from another galaxy and that they have been visiting our planet for thousands of years. Those who hold to this theory believe that theses “visitors” have the ability to somehow manipulate space, time and gravity.

Another is that they are not aliens at all but are unique to this planet. They have never been tracked from outer space but always appear out of thin air. When approached by military jets they have the ability to accelerate at incredible speeds and sometimes they simply disappear and drop completely off the radar screen. Such behavior suggests that they could be multidimensional.

The third theory is that their origin is known only to an elite group that is behind all world governments who have been back-engineering alien aircraft that have crash-landed in many areas of the world.

It is uncertain at this point as to what their agenda might be or that they even have one. Theories abound of course such as genetic manipulation which actually has evidence that supports it. Then there is the “friendly neighbors” theory which purports to have evidence that they are our progenitors and have returned to view our progress and help us evolve spiritually. And of course there is the government conspiracy which involves world domination by those that have obtained alien technology.

Do they represent a threat? This is unknown. Nevertheless, anyone who has studied the evidence from every angle can plainly see that the issue of UFOs is a real situation and that the truth associated with it is being carefully guarded.

UFOs are definitely real and government involvement has become so apparent that their denial is almost laughable. What’s more, the recent increase in UFO activity strongly suggests that full disclosure could soon be forthcoming.  


Jesus Christ warned that there would be a powerful deception prior to His return and that if this period in history were not cut short, no flesh would survive. “…And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe THE LIE…”

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