Are Ufos Real or Hoax – Real

Decades ago, people didn’t talk about seeing a UFO or the possibility of extraterrestrial beings visiting Earth, for fear or ridicule.  Yet now, one of the greatest scientific minds of our time, Professor Stephen Hawking, has admitted the possibility of extraterrestrial life somewhere besides planet Earth.  Various countries are beginning the process of “disclosure”, even posting their UFO-related files online for all to view.  Even the Vatican has admitted that they would baptize an extraterrestrial.  People just aren’t as reluctant to admit a sighting or encounter or even their belief in life elsewhere, as they were in the past.  Those who have had a close encounter of any kind are no longer as likely to suffer the humiliation and degradation that they have in the past; people are more comfortable than ever before about discussing this phenomenon.

We ask if UFO’s are real or some hoax?  Let’s start by examining the meaning of this acronym.  UFO, Unidentified Flying Object.  If it’s unidentified, it could be an extraterrestrial ship from another galaxy or universe, it could be an experimental aircraft from any country, it could simply be an insect flapping its’ wings too fast to identify or even a piece of debris floating or falling through our atmosphere, stratosphere or out in space.

Astronaut Story Musgrave has talked about a long object that he had seen in space.  He mentions the possibility that it could be a living being, from his view.

Former President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, talks about his UFO sighting.  Do we discount him as flighty or having a vivid imagination?  Most wouldn’t dare, after all, he was, at one time, the president.

Another former President, Ronald Reagan, claimed to have seen a UFO following the aircraft in which he was flying, while he was the Governor of California. 

Actor William Shatner, who played, Captain James T. Kirk of the Starship Enterprise in Star-Trek, has admitted to a close encounter and possible abduction.

Singers, the late Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, belated and beloved John Lennon; actor Dan Ackroyd, all claimed to have seen UFO’s.  What it was exactly that they saw, we may never know; they remain unidentified, “UFO’s”.

Over the past few decades, numerous experimental aircraft have been spotted during their testing phase and mistaken for UFO’s.  The famous Stealth Aircraft was mistaken for UFO’s at least 10 years before it was revealed during the Gulf War period.

Dirigibles, air ships, balloons of all kinds were all spotted and thought to be of extraterrestrial origin.

Reports of sightings and close encounters abound throughout the entire world and have for centuries.  Some may have been hallucinations caused by illness or the ingestion of molds.  Some may have been hoaxes, but the fact is that UFO’s, as the acronym says, are simply, “Unidentified Flying Objects”.

One wonders, how can anyone claim that UFO’s don’t exist when the answer is right underneath our proverbial noses?  How can anyone persecute, malign, demean or poke fun at those who claim to have seen a flying object that was, “unidentified”?   To do so is blatantly foolish and representative of the ignorance one has regarding the meaning of the acronym itself.  The fact is that, UFO’s are indeed real, but what they are, what they may be identified as, remains to be discovered.