Signs that Earth was Visited by Ancient Astronauts

An ancient astronaut usually refers to alien beings that came to earth to in some way seed the human population. Although there is something to be said for the thought that ancient astronauts has to do with some cavemen finding their way into space.

There are many signs around the world of their visits to earth. A tremendous number of these are in the form of pictographs. There are some pictographs that show actual aliens, as seen through the eyes of someone who really wasn’t able to comprehend what they were seeing. A very quick internet search will show you some of these pictographs.

Scholars have suggested, they always put a fly in the ointment, that these pictures were nothing more than products of the artists’ imaginations. The funny thing is pictures are often near pictures of various animals. Scientists are quick to tell you that these pictures are a true representation of what the people saw around them. it is funny how when it comes to spacemen science gets squeamish and babbles on about imaginations.

There are of course many other things than pictographs to tell of the ancient visitors. These things are bigger, much bigger, than any of the pictographs. There are stone monuments around the world that show that ancient aliens have been here.

The obvious ones are the Egyptian pyramids at Giza. Imagining that these were erected by manpower alone boggles the mind. Check out the Moai on Easter Island, they are huge stones that have eyes and many are facing out to the ocean. Again, according to traditional science, humans are supposed to have moved and erected these also. Everyone knows about the megaliths at Stonehenge. The claim is these rocks were moved miles over grass, rock and rivers to get to their final resting place. These too we are told were moved by people. There are engineers who today would have difficulty raising such stones.

One of the great examples of ancient aliens aiding humans was in Central America. The Maya are said to have built some very beautiful pyramids out of massive stones. Again this boggles the mind for several reasons; not the least of which is the sheer size and weight of these stones. But there were also the jungles through which the stones had to be dragged.

Archaeologists tell us that it was all done with human power; they have to tow the company line if they wish to keep their jobs. Any talk of ancient aliens by conventional scientists would be cause for concern of the mental health of the persons involved.

Now, it is important to keep in mind that the Mayans had no metal tools. Also, they did not have the wheel with which to aid in the moving of the rocks. With this in mind it becomes more and more difficult to believe the conventional wisdom.

This whole time Europe was mired in the dark ages. Mayans had great cities in the middle of the jungles of Central America. Oh, and somehow they had become masters of that great tool mathematics. The Maya were just one of several native tribes in the area. What made them so special? They weren’t necessarily any smarter than the other tribes.

There is a Mayan carving of someone name Pakal (or Pacal). Orthodox science tells us that Pakal was simply another Mayan leader. The carving suggests Pakal was not just a leader but he was an ancient astronaut. The Mayan would have some difficulty explaining exactly what they were seeing, it would have been beyond their scope of reason, so Pakal looks a wee bit odd but he is indeed an ancient astronaut.

There are so many examples of ancient aliens helping earthlings. The biggest problem is that our thinking has been skewed by convention thought. One has to wonder if these ancient astronauts were not the Gods, perhaps the God of Christianity.