Do you believe that Aliens have already Visited our Planet

Aliens, or someone call them as E.T.(s), has visited to our planet. But, do you believe it? For me, I believe there are Aliens in our world. Why do I think so? Here are some reasons of what my thought is…

First and foremost, as we – the human beings are able to land on the moon, and even on the Mars with our instruments, why don’t the others living things from the other planets do so?

Secondly, our technology is limited currently, which means the furthest we access is only the Moon by human. Our technology is depended on the materials and conditions contained in our Earth, but there are more and more different materials and conditions on the other planets. For examples, the different materials can be processed to be different products, so the different technology. In addition, our Earth is covered with layer of atmosphere, which is giving us the pressure to us. Therefore, if we have to access to outerspace, we have to overcome the pressure and the velocity of the Earth. Instead, the other planets do not may have different conditions of these. Therefore, they may access to our Earth easier than us to access theirs.

Thirdly, the waves can send information to everywhere depends on the wavelength. We can only use the waves to send information only. But, perhaps, the technology on the other planets have been using the waves to send anything to everywhere too! They can even have strong mind-wave which can control someone’s mind, which we call it as ‘Mind-Control’.

These are the reasons why I believe that the Aliens have already in our planet. However, I hope that Aliens couldn’t be so dangerous as what we heard from the ancient stories that Aliens are trying to conquer our Earth!