Do you believe that Aliens have already Visited our Planet

Two months ago I took a part time weekend job working in the kitchen of Sunrise HealthCare, an upscale assisted living facility. It is a real nice facility, very clean and a pretty nice place to work.

Some time ago I got into a conversation with one of the cooks. I was amazed to learn that he is totally convinced that Aliens have visited and currently still visit our planet. He identified the Aliens as the “Grey Aliens.” This is a highly advanced race of beings with the ability to travel at light speed and manipulate time and space.

My co-worker “Lamont” is also firmly convinced that our government has worked with this species of extraterrestrials on an exchange program, allowing humans to visit the home of the Grey Aliens. What astonished me, (more than my co-worker’s knowledge of alien visitations) was his total conviction concerning the subject. He is totally convinced that we are being visited by beings from beyond our solar system.

This conviction caused me to launch my own in depth investigation; into this fascinating and very relevant topic. What I have learned since starting my investigation (spanning nearly three weeks), has astonished and in some ways has alarmed me.

As most of my regular readers know, I am a devout Christian. However, I am not just a lay Christian. I am a man chosen and committed to do a special work for God. God has been very good to me, providing me with the chance to experience all sorts of miracles, including the stigmata.

I teach about the supernatural power of God all over the world. I have witnessed miracles no different than those of biblical times. I have seen God do things that are simply mind-boggling.

I know the spirit world exists. I have had astounding encounters with spirits; both good ones and those that are evil. God is real and the bible is true! Even if I myself, was abducted by an Alien race, it would not change or alter my belief in the creator!

However, my unique encounters with the spirit world and the supernatural has convinced me of one thing. We do not have all the answers!

In addition to being a Christian I am also a scientist. I think this dichotomy gives me a varied and unique perspective. I know without question that God is real and Christ is alive. However, I cannot reject the overwhelming preponderance of evidence for Alien visitations? I must reconcile this evidence, (which is remarkable), with my faith and incredible supernatural experiences. It has been exciting. And thanks to my co-worker I now have a fascinating and highly interesting subject for research.

After three weeks of study and interviewing many people, I have become totally convinced that “Lamont” is correct. Apparently there is a race of aliens that have been visiting earth for quite some time. Perhaps as long as ten thousand years. And it is my strong belief that they are in fact the Grey aliens. The same race of beings encountered in Roswell and the same beings that abducted “Betty and Barney Hill” in 1961. And there may be another race of Aliens that are visiting us from the Orion star system.

The Grey’s are the same Alien race that “Robert Lazar” alluded to in his 1989 interview with KLAS television in Las Vegas. Remember that Mr. Lazar claims to have worked on alien spacecraft and technology in 1989 for Naval Intelligence; in an area not for from area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico. And recent military information seems to confirm and not dispute the Roswell crash.

Lazar confirmed the existence of the Grey alien race of beings. And he also confirmed the information given Betty and Barney Hill during the abduction. Betty and Barney were told by one of the aliens, that their home planet was in the Zeta Reticulum star system.

This star system is 39 light years away from us and includes two stars that are nearly exactly like our Sun. Astronomers are certain this star system contains at least one and perhaps several earth-like planets. Planets that could sustain life.

In the last ten years, many credible military sources from all over the world are confirming the existence of the Grey aliens and their home planet. And some have confirmed the existence of the alien exchange program; claiming that some humans died on the Zeta Reticulum planetary system, during the exchange program and a few decided to remain on the Alien planet. This is remarkable. And let us not forget the dozens of credible people, from all over the world, who have claimed encounters with small, Grey aliens.

In conclusion, I am now compelled to believe that aliens have visited and continue to visit our planet. I believe they can travel to earth rather quickly (I have been told 91 earth days)and I do believe that an exchange program was instituted with the aliens, shortly after the Roswell incident.

This study has had a profound impact on me; both as a Christian and as a scientist. As a Christian, I have learned early in my walk with him, (that God never tell us everything), only what he wants us to know.

I also know that we live in a fallen, distorted and violent universe. A universe that is certainly capable (given the proper conditions), to produce other sentient life forms. It would be hubris indeed to assume that a spiritual entity created this vast universe, and that we are the only life forms in existence.

This is not the view of evangelical Christianity. I am taking a stand that is not popular with mainstream Christian beliefs. I will be criticized for taking this view. Yet mainstream Christianity has also rejected the supernatural aspect of the bible; an aspect that is an essential part of mans very being. And an essential part of the First century church.

As a scientist, I have become fascinated with the Zeta Reticulum star system. I plan to do extensive study and research on Zeta Reticulum along with other galaxies that may harbor earth-like planets. It is certainly an interesting and fascinating project. And although my co-worker and I may not share the same religious views, I am very grateful that he opened my eyes to the reality of Alien visitations.