Do you believe that Aliens have already Visited our Planet

Aliens have been around since antiquity. Archeology has uncovered evidence of technology that was far beyond the capabilities of the ancient cultures of that era. Scientists are amazed at some of the huge monuments that could not have been created without some kind of advanced technology.

Pictures of aliens and alien crafts appear in a number of ancient drawings. Alexander the Great recorded an incident where he and his army were harassed by what he called sky ships. Many of his men fled while others tried to fight by shooting arrows at them which suggests that they were very low in the sky. This is recorded history.

Today, there is a growing awareness of alien activity. UFOs have been appearing in our skies since the 1940’s and sightings have increased dramatically in the last decade. Many world governments have known about these sightings and have even sent military jets after them.

The U S has had multiple UFO incidences involving the military. Fighter jets have locked in on them only to see them disappear and drop off the radar screen. Many military pilots have seen these UFOs with their own eyes. Some military personnel claim to have seen actual alien beings. Nevertheless, the government has gone out of its way to conceal this information from the public.

Many high-profile government and military officials including many of our former astronauts have come together in what is known as “The Disclosure Project” in an effort to force the government to release what they know about UFOs.  

The government’s cover-up of UFOs has become outright ridiculous considering the amount of evidence that has been collected over the years by dedicated researchers. Their involvement has become so apparent that denial is almost laughable.

The UFO community believes the government has been in contact with aliens since the Roswell incident in 1947 when an alien disc crashed in New Mexico. They believe aliens are providing the military with advanced technology while others say the U S is back-engineering alien crafts.

The Disclosure Project’s goal is to get the government to first acknowledge the fact that they know UFOs are here and why they have gone to such extent to keep it a secret. The matter of UFOs has a higher security clearance than some of our nation’s warheads! Then they want to know who or what these beings are. Where did they come from? What do they want?

Most scientists and UFO researchers are already convinced that these beings are not from outer space. Their involvement with ancient civilizations throughout history implies a uniqueness to this planet. They’ve never been tracked from outer space but always appear in the sky and perform maneuvers that defy all physical laws.

There are several groups around the world that have known about their government’s involvement with aliens and have been fighting to get the information released to the public. Many world governments have come forward and released a number of documents but the United States hasn’t disclosed any information as of the date of this writing.

Do you believe that aliens have already visited our planet? If you don’t you may soon be changing your mind because the UFO community expects full disclosure very soon. They believe the government will come out and admit it or the aliens themselves will simply appear in the skies all over the world.

New Age groups claim that they have been contacted by these aliens through mediums and channelors. They say these beings are from another galaxy and are higher life forms who have come to help us evolve into a higher consciousness or oneness with the universe.

Jesus said that prior to His return there would be a deception so convincing that it would even deceive the very elect if it were possible.

The following is one of the messages alleged to have come from these aliens.

“We were the ones who designed all life on earth. You mistook us for gods. We were at the origins of your main religions. Now that you are mature enough to understand this we would like to enter official contact through an embassy.”

Many statements like this have been purported to be alien messages to the world. They are saying that religious figures such as Jesus Christ, Mohamed, and Buddha were aliens like them but we misunderstood them. They also claim that our planet is a living entity and that it too is evolving.

Jesus defeated Satan at the cross but until He returns Satan is still the god of this world and the prince of the power of the air. Do not be deceived. “Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils.”

Evil is not always ugly. Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. These beings have been here before. Many of the ancient civilizations that left behind evidence of alien interference simply dropped out of existence. Do the research.

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