Reflections on the Existence of Ufos

Recently it had been rumored that a certain group of representatives from the papacy, three U.S. Senators, representatives of the U.S. Air Force and U.S. National Guard, and from the G8 countries had met at the February 12-14, 2008, United Nation meeting in New York. The meeting was in regard to a recent increase of UFO activity on a global level. These meetings also pertain to a new scientific level of acceptance regarding the latest UFO activityagainst previous theories, they feel that the UFOs now may represent a “genuine unknown” that is worthy of scientific study and may well be guided by a non-human intelligence.

Recently, these rumors have been verified as the truth, endorsed by a French aviation expert by the name of Gilles Lorantan attach to the National Center for Scientific Research. Under the administrative authority of France’s Ministry of Research, he also belongs to the Institute of Advanced Studies for National Defense.

Considered as belonging to two prestigious scientific organizations of France, he had been invited to the U.N. meeting in a professional capacity. And belonging also to the Federation of European Airplane, a French UFO organization of which he is an executive member, Lorant and his French organizations have released a report of the secret Union Meeting which disclosed a summary of the meetings.

Held over three days, the initial meeting on February 12th led to three U.S. Senators asking for further meetings to discuss the UFO issues at hand, meaning the U.S. Senators had attended the secretive United Nation UFO meetings. The subsequent meetings were held on February 13th and 14th, with major concern over the developing social upheaval due to the increased UFO sightings and first-hand testimonies of UFO witnesses.

The year 2009 is now being focused on as when more updated official attitudes could be made regarding the UFO phenomenonthe official debunking of the UFOs would be abandoned, with a more serious study of it occurring. The suggestions of an official change in government policy from its ridicule and debunking to that of openness and acceptance concerning UFOs would then lead to official approval of scientific studies of the UFOs.

The meeting in New York was concluded with the United Nations agreeing with representatives of 28 nations. It was felt that this official treatment of UFO information was an international turning point if the number of UFO sightings would remain the same. And according to the the “United Press International,” UFO sightings in Britain alone are on the riseall last year there were 135 sightings, up from 97 the year before.

Hilary Porter of the British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society says there had been an “absolutely enormous” increase in UFO sightings. “We have had call after call after call, from business people right down to ordinary folk in their cars,” she said. Close by, dozens of sightings in Stephenville, Texas, report numerous UFO sightings, in addition to Canada sightings.