Reflections on the Existence of Ufos


Do they exist?
Who knows?

We’ve seen all the exciting movies, we’ve been skeptical about all the abduction stories.
Most everyone I know is interested, but not enough to delve into it all like myself and a few friends.

Because they “Have more important things to concern with; UFOs are hardly a priority”.

But some of ARE fascinated by them.
So let’s assume, for the sake of this blog, that you ARE.

We all have numerous questions about them:
What do they look like?
Are they like in the movies?
Have they been here? Are they still here?
How will we know?
Is the Govt. just covering it all up? Or is it a Govt. hoax?

Good questions.

First off, I would say to SCREW the movies.
Yes, there have been a few good ones, but far too many poor ones which make a mockery of the subject.

In MY humble opinion, alien life will NOT resemble “Alien”, “ID4” or “ET’.
And you can throw away all of those UFO B’ flicks from the 50’s. Those were simply silly.

Perhaps the best way to allow yourself to genuinely flirt with the idea of their existence is to think outside of the box’.
Think about it..
We often assume that alien life is fare superior to our own, yet we portray them as almost human like, or monsters who fly saucers resembling Frisbees.
Silly man-made BS for the sake of entertainment.

But there ARE other theories.
You will rarely see them in the movies.
You WILL find them on radio talk shows such as “Coast 2 Coast”.
And since there are SO many theories, I’ll just touch on two of them.

It may be possible that we humans wouldn’t even RECOGNIZE an alien.
Perhaps our bodies and minds don’t have the tools necessary..or maybe we haven’t yet figured out HOW to access those abilities.

I know.where’s the excitement in that? If we can’t even SEE them, why bother focusing any attention to the subject?

Well, that’s where parapsychology comes in.
That is the study of the unknown. It covers everything from ghosts to ESP to UFOs. It digs deep into the human psyche, attempting to uncover our potential abilities.
Perhaps that is needed to recognize alien life.

There is a UFO expert who has an intriguing theory.
He believes that alien life may be planning to show themselves as soon as our Govts disclose the fact that they exist.
In other words, perhaps our Govts have been hiding the proof and evidence for decades (Area 51 anyone?), so as soon as they inform us all, THEN alien life will arrive in some fashion.

So wouldn’t the Govt just do this?
Mega concerns.
World wide freak out, anarchy, complete loss of faith and trust in our Govts, you name it.
Govts disclosing this kind of information to the world would very possibly lead towards them losing CONTROL. And let’s face it.Govt is ALL about control.

So they don’t dare.

Therefore, it appears that the only chance we ALL will have of knowing the if we see it with our own eyes, coming from the sky, etc.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), that may never happen..because perhaps it doesn’t happen or work that way.

Yes, I believe alien life exists out there.
In my opinion, to think it doesn’t, that we’re the ONLY life in this vast rather arrogant and close-minded of us.

So you have to ask yourself
Why in the hell do WE even exist at all?
Therefore, why isn’t it possible that OTHERS also exist somewhere else?

If we all hope to achieve peace and harmony on our OWN world, why wouldn’t we extend that to life in other worlds?

If I was an alienI wouldn’t TOUCH this planet.
We’re too messed up.