Reflections on the Existence of Ufos

Are UFOs real? Yes. UFOs do exist. Are they alien space-craft, are they intergalactic machines that carry their cargo and crew throughout the galaxy? I have no idea, but my interactions have led me to believe: no.

As a child I saw a low-flying white disk-shaped object with “CCCP” written in red across it. CCCP is the Russian abbreviation for USSR, indicating that this was a man-made craft being controlled by the Russian government. I can share with you some details of this incident which are quite unbelievable, but what I am about to describe to you is true. A man dressed in a black suite with a red tie leaned out of the craft, flying no more than 50 feet above the ground at a low speed, and waved to me. I stood awe-shocked and watched as this object made its way behind the tree-line.

In the 1940s the United States Air Force worked on creating flying saucers, video-taped one episode, but never got the craft more than five feet off the ground. The craft was dangerous to fly and almost impossible to control. The Nazi’s worked on a similar craft during World War II, according to some reports, which I have not been able to verify.

There are now flying saucers for sale to the public for $90,000. These saucers fly at ten feet above the ground at speeds of 50 miles per hour ( Are we to seriously think that our governments don’t have similar craft they are working on that are more powerful, and extremely secret?

There is no doubt in my mind that many of the UFOs people report are top-secret military air-craft. Yet something happened to me just last night that I cannot explain. The details of the event are very clear to me, but what I witnessed is not as clear as the CCCP event.

I was on my way home from Plymouth, IN, about ten miles away from my house. When I looked in my mirror, to the east (towards Plymouth) I saw a group of lights in a dome-like formation over the town, near where the air-port is. I thought perhaps a plane was landing, but it never descended. Then I lost the object behind some trees as I continued on west. I discounted it and nearly forgot about it.

About an hour later my dad pulled into my driveway with my two brothers. I was talking to them when suddenly there was a bright white flash, the entire sky lit up as though there was lightning, but there was no sound, nor a cloud in the sky. I looked off to the north-west, just to my left of the Big Dipper, and saw two bright orange-yellow streaks of light running parallel to each other. These two streaks ran away from the surface of the earth to a white circle with what appeared to be ripples. I was able to deduce the streaks ran away from earth because they faded from nearest to the ground up to the white circle with ripples. My youngest brother saw these two streaks as well, but they faded before my dad and other brother got a chance to look. The white circle faded when the last of the two streaks faded. These two streaks were leaving earth and going to space: they were not meteors.

Being surrounded by fields with little artificial lights, I see meteors all the time, and enjoy watching them. What I saw last night was not a meteor. So, what was it? I suppose it could have been a piece of space debris glancing off our atmosphere and exploding in an extremely bright white fireball, it could have been my mind playing tricks on me. Myself, based on my previous experience along with the knowledge of the flying saucer phenomenon, I believe that I witnessed a secret military test. Of what, I do not know, nor will I venture to guess. But whatever it was, I do know this: the governments of the world are not letting us in on possibly the biggest secret of all time.