Reflections on the Existence of Ufos

Throughout the history of man kind, there has been some kind of documentation of unexplained objects flying in the sky. Some of the earliest depictions of space craft are carved in rocks and a granite mountain in Hunan Province, China dating back 47,000 years ago, before the modern age of man as we know today. Can this be a coincidence? Objects in the sky have been tracked by ground based and airborne radar, have been photographed by still and movie cameras in black and white and color photos.

Written accounts of UFO have come from around the world, and from just about every time period in history. Take for instance roman author Julius Obsequens, believed to have lived in the fourth century A.D., compiled a book which describes many peculiar phenomena, which can be interpreted as ufo sightings. Here are a few examples.

“[216 B.C.] Things like ships were seen in the sky over Italy… At Arpi (180 Roman miles, east of Rome, in Apulia) a ’round shield’ was seen in the sky… At Capua, the sky was all on fire, and one saw figures like ships…
[99 B.C.] When C. Murius and L. Valerius were consuls, in Tarquinia, there fell in different places… a thing like a flaming torch, and it came suddenly from the sky. Towards sunset, a round object like a globe, or round or circular shield took its path in the sky, from west to east.
[90 B.C.] In the territory of Spoletium (65 Roman miles north of Rome, in Umbria) a globe of fire, of golden colour, fell to the earth, gyrating. It then seemed to increase in size, rose from the earth, and ascended into the sky, where it obscured the disc of the sun, with its brilliance. It revolved towards the eastern quadrant of the sky.”

Alexander the great had two experiences with ufo’s. The first recorded incident was in 329 BC. Alexander decided to invade India and was attempting to cross the river Indus to engage the enemy when two “gleaming silver shields” swooped down and made several passes over the battle. They spooked his calvary horses into starting a stampede.

On August 9, 1762 Monsieur de Rostan was able to observe a strange craft for several days. He managed to trace its outline with a camera obscure and sent the picture to the Royal Academy of Sciences in Paris. Unfortunately this image, probably the first one ever of a ufo, no longer exists.

From the earliest accounts down to the most recent in Stephenville, Texas, ufo’s continue to be seen and reported by human beings and there is nothing to suggest that it is going to change.