No wonder Canada is nicknamed “The Great White North.”  One of this country’s phenomenon is its persistent snow cover that blankets much of the nation.  In areas like southern Quebec, snow cover can bound to arrive in late autumn.  Residents can definitely expect a White Christmas in big cities like Montreal and Ottawa. 

So why do the cities get so much snowfall?  A series of storm systems that scoot along the East Cost is fueled with so much moisture.  With the cold, freezing air in place, it will become very easy for the snow to fall and stick.  A number of Canada’s principal cities cope with heavy snowfall many times during a winter season.

The Top Snowiest Canadian Cities:

1.) Saguenay, Quebec

Normal yearly snowfall: 342 cm

Number of days with snow: 96

Saguenay is situated more than one hundred miles north of Quebec City. 

2.) St. John’s, Newfoundland

Normal yearly snowfall: 322 cm

Number of days with snow: 84

The capital of Newfoundland is often hit hard with massive snowstorms, due to the fact that there is so much moisture from the Atlantic Ocean.

3.) Quebec City

Normal yearly snowfall: 316 cm

Number of days with snow: 76

Quebec City is the capital of Quebec.  Home to the world-famous Chateau Frontenac, the city can expect snow cover from late autumn through early spring.

4.) Sherbrooke, Quebec

Normal yearly snowfall: 294 cm

Number of days with snow: 79

Nestled in the highlands of the Monts Notre Dame, the city of Sherbooke can be ideal for nearby snow activites like skiing.

5.) Sudbury, Ontario

Normal yearly snowfall: 274 cm

Number of days with snow: 78

Sudbury is just north of the Georgian Bay.  Ample cloud cover can be influenced by the nearby lakes.

6.) Trois-Rivieres, Quebec

Normal yearly snowfall: 241 cm

Number of days with snow: 49

Trois-Rivieres is smacked between Quebec City and Montreal.  Ample snowfall from Atlantic storm systems occasionally occur in the winter.

7.) Ottawa-Gatineau

Normal yearly snowfall: 236 cm

Number of days with snow: 66

The metropolitan area of Ottawa-Gatineau is well known for big winter storms.

8.) Halifax, Nova Scotia

Normal yearly snowfall: 231 cm

Number of days with snow: 60

Because Halifax is situated along the Atlantic Coast, ample moisture and freezing temperatures allow periods of heavy snow at times.

9.) Montreal

Normal yearly snowfall: 218 cm

Number of days with snow: 60

The second largest city in Canada is home to big snowstorms that can disrupt travel.

10.) London, Ontario

Normal yearly snowfall: 202 cm

Number of days with snow: 66

The nearby large lakes influence London’s weather with lake-enhanced snow showers and cloud cover.


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