Reflections on the Existence of Ufos

Aliens are a popular subject today, more popular than perhaps at any other time in history. Whether it is seeing alien craft or being kidnapped and experimented upon, mmmmm anal probes, they are all around in popular culture. Aliens are on TV, in movies and even on pop music. They’re here, they’re there, and they’re everywhere!

It was 1947 when Kenneth Arnold was flying around Mt. Rainier, Washington when he thought he saw something. Looking again he saw what he described as a flying saucer. It was then that the term entered the public lexicon. The fact that what Arnold had seen was not saucer shaped didn’t matter, that’s the term he used. Since that time aliens in their flying ships have been everywhere.

What we fail to remember is that flying vehicles have been with us throughout the centuries. Apparently, there are many references in the Bible to UFOs. Perhaps the one that most people would be familiar with but don’t think of as being a UFO would be the Ezekiel’s wheel. According to UFO experts, the burning bush is another example as are Elijah’s and Elisha’s Whirlwinds and Chariots of Fire. There are many other examples but some truly stretch the imagination but that is the claim.

There are many rock paintings that are centuries old that appear to depict UFOs. Historians tend to think that the animals painted by these prehistoric humans are the animals that prehistoric folk were familiar with and saw all the time even if they are somewhat stylized. So with that in mind, UFOlogists tend to believe that when the ancients have drawn flying vehicles on their caves well, they must have seen them. It’s not just cave paintings of UFOs but there are also apparently paintings of the aliens themselves. Of course scientific types claim there must be a different explanation for those pictures.

That’s not the end of it. There are a number of UFOs depicted on various paintings and tapestries that have been created over the ages. One that you can view for yourself is called, “The Madonna with Saint Giovannino”. But there are a good number more from the 14th to the 17th centuries. Giving URLs is not the mandate of this author but in this case an exception will be made. has a boat load of paintings that depict UFOs. Some of them are quite revealing and interesting.

There have been reports throughout all of recorded history not just the time periods mentioned above. The Romans and Greeks have reported UFOs above their skies. The issue for modern day readers is that they would use different language to describe things than we do today; they would use language that they knew not language that we are familiar with. For example they might use the term “Chariot in the sky” to describe a UFO because of their limited experience compared to us.

So if you have ever thought that UFOs are a recent addition to the world then you need to rethink some of your ideas. It would appear that strange flying craft and the beings inside them have been with us throughout the history of the world. Some theorists suggest that not only have they been here forever but they helped ancient society advance and that we are even alien-human hybrids. But that’s an article for another time.