Reflections on the Existence of Ufos

UFOs. What are they? Where do they come from? Are they just figments of our imagination? A mirage? A natural phenomena? Or are they something more? Are they from planets – as yet – undiscovered by human eyes. And if they are, then which planets? What galaxy? What solar systems? The questions are numerous. Is the Human Race at this point in time, experiencing a universal ‘collective?’ One mindset? Where people from all over the world experience and witness the same objects? Is this the ‘Time’ spoken off? The ‘Time’ of ‘Enlightenment?’ The ‘Time’ of Aquarius? Where people will eventually put down their weapons of war,
and embrace the true meaning of life. And are UFOs a part of this? This ‘New Awakening?’

The answers to these questions are tantalizing, to say the least. There are as many de-bunkers of this phenomenon, as there are believers. But, more and more now, the evidence is overwhelming. That we are being ‘visited’ by, as yet, beings unknown to us [whether they come from one civilization, or many.]

That crafts, of an unknown origin, are entering the airspace of countries. That the inhabitants of those crafts seem to be conducting some sort of reconnaissance mission. That people [ from all over the world] are being abducted and subjected to quite horrific, examinations. That skin, hair, and semen samples are taken. And that in some cases, the abductees, feel that they are being followed and watched, as they try to get on with their lives.

Take for instance the case of Betty and Barney Hill. On the night of September 19th 1961. Child welfare worker Betty Hill aged 41 and her Husband Barney aged 39, after holidaying in Southern Canada, where traveling home. Little did either of the couple suspect the events that were soon to follow.

Both of them noticed as they drove a – in their words – ‘white star’ that had been following them. It was around midnight when Betty walked her pet dog [ who had been traveling with them,] on the grass verge. While she did this Barney continued to look at the object through a pair of binoculars.

Getting back into the car they continued to travel down the road, just being a little after midnight. Barney had an ‘urge’ to stop the car. The ‘urge’ was sudden. Having stopped the car he stepped out, and walked deeper into the tree cover by the side of the road. Completely
ignoring his wife’s pleas to return to the car. As Barney continued to walk toward the object, still looking at it through his binoculars, he became increasingly aware that the object was a UFO. Barney, being sure that he could see ‘figures’ within the craft, began to run. Muttering to himself that he thought the military were playing tricks on them.

Barney ran back to the car, screaming. Thinking that they were going to be captured. The couple took off heading South, to start the drive down from the mountains. As they got further down the road, both the Hills described something like a ‘beeping’ sound. This was quickly followed by a bump, before everything went back to normal again.

After arriving home their car began to pick up some problems. The paint had been removed and there were strange blotches where the paint used to be. Now it was just bare metal. Both of the couple, now distressed, decided to get in touch with the nearby Pease Air Force Base. They wanted to report the incident of the previous night. They were not really told anything by the people at the base, yet papers that were researched 20 years later, told of a similar object being seen on 20th September at 2:15 a.m, in the morning.

Having also decided to report their encounter with a local UFO group, Mr. Walter Webb – an astronomer and ufologist – paid a visit to the Hills on the 21st of October. This visit, sparked what was to become one of the most astounding investigations in the history of ufology.

The 30th September Betty Hill began to have horrific nightmares. These dreams took place over several nights. The dreams would reveal faces, eyes that were cat-like in appearance. Creatures that were intent on capturing her and her husband, for God-knows-what.

During Mr Webb’s investigation into the Hill case, one startling event stood out, that the Hills could not account for a 2 hour time lapse – time that was missing.

There were various physical and mental symptoms wrong with both Barney and Betty. Finally both decided that they needed to seek out the help of a psychiatrist. A Dr Benjamin Simon, who practiced in Boston, recommended to them that that they both should be regressed, separately.

The results were startling. Images that surfaced from the minds of Betty and Barney Hill were similar. This shook Dr. Benjamin. Barney even had to be restrained by Dr. Benjamin’s staff, such was his shock at reliving the events of that night.

The evidence that was taken, from these hypnotic sessions, was that the UFO had landed and somehow rendered the Hills semi-conscious. Taken against their will the couple were brought on board the craft, where small beings with large cat-like eyes and whitish skin were there, waiting for them. On board the craft the couple were separated, and what seemed to be a medical examination took place. Barney had semen extracted by some sort of suction device, while Betty had a large needle inserted into her abdomen. Hair and nail clippings were also taken.

With Barney and Betty Hill being a mixed race couple [ unusual in the America of that time. Barney being Black and Betty, white,] the ‘beings,’ seemed fascinated in
the differences between the two of them.

The tests having been done, Betty was then shown around the craft. Betty wanted to take a book, from the craft, and tried to persuade who she took as the group leader, for him to give it her. This she wanted to use as proof of having been on board. This request was denied outright.

Skeptics, over the years, have tried to play down this case. Some of them even stating that the couple did it for ‘attention.’ What the skeptics cannot explain though, is Betty’s knowledge of the star system: Zeta Reticuli. She knew about this star system 6 years BEFORE astronomers even discovered it.

The Betty and Barney Hill case was a landmark breakthrough in ufology. Its importance was profound, and changed the course of the way UFOs are studied and viewed.

I do feel that with cases like Betty and Barney Hill’s, that unknown beings, are visiting this planet and its inhabitants. That, it seems, we are being used as some sort of ‘lab rat,’ type ‘project’. That we are an ongoing ‘project,’ and there is no doubt in my mind that governments are privy to what has been going on.

Also, I feel that whoever ‘they’ are, look on us with nonchalance. Not caring either way about us. Our feelings, while going through the process of a ‘medical,’ or our feelings about anything else. Could they indeed, be a threat to our very existence on this planet of ours? Or, are they a warning from the future? Are they ‘us,’ from a future time, coming back to visit every now and then. Coming back to visit the Earth that they populated with life?

As for the existence of UFOs? My own personal view, is that we are being visited by at least, one, maybe two extra terrestrial civilizations. When these visits are, eventually made ‘official,’ by world governments, maybe then we will enter that time that is spoken of, the ‘time’ of Enlightenment.’

So, what do you think? Do they exist? And, if they do, are they
FRIEND OR FOE? Make up your own minds.