Extraterrestrial Life Fact or Fiction

This has been one of the most exciting and fascinating writing assignments I have undertaken for Helium. During my research for this article (which has spanned nearly two weeks), I have become totally convinced that extraterrestrial life exists. Not only do alien life forms exist, but they have apparently been visiting earth for quite some time. And I am certain I know where they come from.

First I would like to say that I speak from two worlds. I am a scientist and also a committed Christian. It is very important to for my readers to understand and know, that I am totally unbiased. I looked at all the evidence I could find. The new military and government source evidence for Alien visitations is very compelling.

If true, then we are faced with the fact that other life forms, may have been visiting earth for thousands of years. How this compares to scripture, I do not know. Yes, I do believe the bible to be the absolute word of the creator. However the creator NEVER gives us all the facts and details about his activities. Only what he wants us to know! This is very consistent with his nature. And in my humble opinion, it would be silly to assume that he created billions of star systems and galaxies to be uninhabited. What would be the purpose for creating billions of galaxies to remain empty?

As Christians we cannot assume that we know everything and that extraterrestrials do not exist, just because there is no mention of them in scripture. That would be a foolish assumption indeed.

The scientific evidence supporting extraterrestrial life is staggering, and the eyewitness evidence of alien visitations (especially from credible military personnel)is highly suggestive of visitors from outside of our solar system.

In my initial research for this article, the Zeta Reticuli star system kept coming up, again and again. Every article I read, and ever place I looked for information on Alien sightings, visitations and encounters, I came across this unique star formation as the place inhabited by the infamous Grey Aliens. The same Aliens that crash landed in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Zeta Reticuli Star System is located some 39.4 to 39.5 light years away. The Zeta Reticulum system is located in the southern constellation of Reticulum and is therefore not visible to most of the northern hemisphere. It includes two stars, Zeta 1 and Zeta 2.

The stars are a binary star system. Meaning they are locked into orbit around their common center of gravity. It takes about 100,000 years for the stars to complete an orbit and they are separated by about 350 billion miles or about 100 times the distance between the Sun and Pluto.

What makes these stars interesting is that; in all aspects, they are exactly like our Sun. Actually Zeta 2 has about 99% of all the characteristics of our Sun. Both of these Sun-like stars could easily support solar systems like ours. And there is strong evidence that there are planets orbiting both of these stars. Planets that could in fact support life.

In 1961, Betty and Barney Hill were traveling back home from a vacation in Montreal. They were heading for Portsmouth, New Hampshire, when they saw a bright light heading their way. Suddenly the car engine stalled, and a small craft landed. Both Betty and Barney claimed that “they could see the Aliens in the ship from where they were standing.” A number of Aliens took Betty and Barney into the ship. The Aliens were short and small with light gray skin and big eyes. The complete story was told in the book “The Interrupted Journey” (by John Fuller)and later made into a movie.

What I found to be very interesting, was in conversation with one of the Aliens; Betty was shown a star map indicating Zeta Reticuli as the Aliens home; specifically the fourth planet from Zeta 2. And it gets interesting.

In 1989 Robert Scott Lazar, claims to have worked on alien spacecraft and technology for the Naval Intelligence Agency. He worked in an area called S-4 from 1988 to 1989. S-4 is not far from area 51. Although the Naval department denied Lazar’s story, there is some evidence listing Lazar as being on the Navy’s payroll during the years in question. Also other highly credible military officials have come forward to back up Lazar’s claim of an interstellar exchange program.

Robert Lazar not only claims to have been inside the Alien craft that crashed, but also reported on a human exchange program that has been going on between the Roswell Aliens and the government for quite some time. Apparently human volunteers were taken back to the Alien’s planet, some dying there, but most returning. A few elected to stay behind on the Alien planet.

Lazar and others indicate Zeta Reticuli star system as the Alien’s home. They were also told that the Aliens are able to make the trip from their home to earth in 91 days. The fact that this specific star system, keeps coming up, in both civilian and government encounters with extraterrestrials is very compelling evidence.

If this were not enough, many senior military officers, present at the Roswell crash sight came forward. Feeling safe after so many years, they have attempted to verify the existence of the Grey Aliens and explaining how they saw the bodies of the Aliens that had died in the crash.

As we review the facts; we know, that only 39 light years away is a solar system that has at least two Suns similar to ours. There could be more. There are planets orbiting those stars. And those stars are estimated to be about seven billion years old, much older than our sun.

Seven billion years would provide plenty of time. Plenty of time for a sentient life form to develop into a highly advanced civilization. Time to develop technology far more advanced than ours. Look how far we have come in only half that time! I have even interviewed scientists who are certain the Grey Aliens have mastered time travel.

I will continue to do a lot of research on the constellation reticulum. And I will research and study other galaxies. There are billions of galaxies and billions and billions of stars. It would be silly to assume that earth is the only planet that harbors life.

There could be life forms, unknown to even the Grey Aliens, in a solar system millions of light years away, perhaps at the edge of our known universe. With laws of physics that we could scarcely imagine possible! I have lived on this earth for 52 years. Long enough to convince me that in this universe, anything is possible.