Extraterrestrial Life Fact or Fiction

Some have questioned the existence of alien life. Some have even stated that they have come into contact with extraterrestrials who have visited this earth, but there is no evidence of that. There is no evidence that they exist or that they do not exist. Is There Life Out There?
Life began here early in the planets evolution. With recent discoveries of bacteria on a meteor, it could be concluded that life begins easily in our universe. Or it might just be bacteria from earth that contaminated the meteor. There is no evidence of life on other planets, yet. However, there could be any day now.

Scientists have been studying Mars for potential life. So far the results are promising; however, it would only spark another debate. Did life start on Mars and seed earth or did it start on its own?

There is so much we have not explored. So much we do not yet understand. There is no way to tell how much we might learn from space. Throughout human history, we have explored our frontiers and reset the boundaries. Space is our new frontier and we should be exploring it.
While we search our solar system for life, there are those who believe that extraterrestrials have already visited out planet. While there are so many unexplained phenomenon on this planet, but there are rational explanations for most. While the radical ideas of space aliens visiting earth are more exciting, maybe it was just humans all along.

As for extraterrestrial abductions, would an advanced race really abduct people? A politically correct society would not abduct an intelligent being for study. But if you think about it, we consider ourselves an advanced society that is politically correct. We abduct animals and experiment on them everyday, even primates like a Chimpanzee which could be considered an intelligent being. Would that not be experimenting on intelligent life? It is probable that aliens would abduct humans, but are they.

SETI is the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence. They listen to the sky for any type of radio broadcast in hopes of picking up an extraterrestrial signal. People whom do not support believe there are only two outcomes of the SETI project: There is nothing out there or if there is life out there, then it is too far away to ever make contact with. But if life evolves so easily, then extraterrestrials like us might be out there too.

The assumption has always been that aliens will be more technologically advanced than us. Why? For all we know, earth was the first planet to have intelligent beings. We may also be the last. We may be listening to the skies for nothing, but it would be better to experiment and fail than to not experiment at all.

Maybe there is life out there. Who knows? For all we know, earth could be the only planet where life sporadically began. Wondering if extraterrestrials exist or not are kind of like faith. There is no hard evidence, yet anyway. An alien battlecruser may decloak in earth’s orbit one day and wipe us out with a genetic virus fabricated after years of experimentation on humans. But what are the chances of that happening? To all those out there, keep searching the skies, not telling what we may find.