Extraterrestrial Life Fact or Fiction

Is this really true? No life out there nothing but big empty void filled with darkness and we are the only ones shedding light into everything? If this is true then the views of the universe would be really different. But open your mind and think for a moment: extraterrestrial life doesn’t mean just Super Intelligent or possibly beyond but it could be microscopic bacteria and many other unknown forms of life. But what people want to know is: is there intelligent life out there? that’s a very high possibility. If you read lot and blessed with knowledge, you would immediately want to answer whether life exists in space or not. You would be shocked that our type or kind of species aren’t abundant in the cosmos. Also the very thing you are created from (carbon or CO2 and water) has a very low chance of appearing on other planets. Liquid is RARE in this Universe. So you could conclude that extraterrestrials that we might meet in the future might be Luminous in nature or other exotic forms. But first I want let you know that life can exist in infinite varieties, or shapes and sizes. Yes, humanoids are present out there but 90% other are not HUMANOID in nature. Here is a theory: Extraterrestrials who are masters of interstellar travel would evolve to the point that goes beyond our understanding. But do you think that it’s going to be human? likely no. Evolution is a long process in life and can take any shape or size for it to attain new stages. If we encounter a very advanced ancient civilization (1000,000,000-1000,000,000,000 years ahead of us) how would we react to such powerful forces? The reaction we would likely feel is shock. Now we know that we are not alone like previously thought. If you ask me, somewhere in the future we will definitely encounter an ancient advanced civilization(s). But right now, we haven’t heard anything from the massive Universe. Anyone can guess that such civilizations would use advanced techniques that we don’t understand yet. SETI is our only hope to catch signals from intelligent life. Also it would be considered the greatest moment in history if we discover Intelligent Civilizations. Just imagine the different life styles, culture, environments, technology, and all the wonderful star people out there. That’s what we mean by discovering life. If Man was the only life form in the Universe, then we would have to be a Utopia (perfect) society. That means no evil but peace. Remember that our seas all around the Earth are actually filled with advanced water based civilizations monitoring us without they being noticed. We tend to disbelieve that but it’s true. If you watch UFO files or UFO Hunters, in these shows they investigate undersea objects or USOs and I find this subject to be highly interesing. Even I wanted to learn more about these hidden and mysteroius forces. People who see these USOs report also seeing ”people” inside it. It shows that these advanced supermachines are controlled by intelligent beings in nature. This sets an example that we are not alone even in our own planet. For now, we continue our search but I will leave the question of wether extraterrestrial life exists or not up to you. If you discovered something great, share it with the world.