Signs that Earth was Visited by Ancient Astronauts

Eric Von Daniken wrote, “that between 10,000 and 40,000 years ago the earth was visited by extra-terrestrials who bred with early humans to produce Homo Sapiens.” That may be just a bit extreme, but the question as to whether or not we have been visited by those from another world continues to plague us.

The great pyramids of Egypt are a prime example of ancient knowledge that remains unexplainable. Built some 5000 years ago, the average size of a pyramid is 759.3 feet (at the base), with a height of 480 feet. It has been estimated that approximately 2,300,000 blocks were used in their construction, and that it took twenty years and the work of 100,000 men to complete each one. Looking at this theory mathematically (and considering the fact that the stones varied in size from 3.05 to 60.59 tons each), it is difficult to conclude that such a feat could be accomplished in ancient times.

It is noted that the stone used to build the pyramids came from nearby quarries, but how did they transport this immense rock? It is believed that sledges (a kind of desert raft) were used to haul these, but how would they have maintained such weight?

Although the Egyptians had no knowledge of geology or mathematics, or any concept of engineering or architectural design, they built these mighty structures to last throughout time. The great Giza pyramid was built with its sides aligned almost exact with north and south, and east and west. This suggests that the ancient Egyptians were able to calculate latitude and longitude. That’s quite an accomplishment for a society that had not yet been introduced to the wheel.

Another curious civilization is that of the Maya. Though barbaric in nature, the Mayans reportedly developed a highly sophisticated mathematical system that allowed them to make predictions thousands of years into the future. Scientists have shown that their predictions have remarkable precision, and to be within 33 seconds of being totally accurate.

Science continues to be amazed by the accomplishments of ancient man and continually strive to unlock their secrets. What great knowledge did these ancient civilizations possess that even the ardent minds of today cannot decipher? Or, is Von Daniken’s theory closer to the truth than we would like to believe? Is it so hard to comprehend that another race of beings may exist somewhere else? Perhaps we will never know the truth or, perhaps we merely have to wait until they return.