Ufos around Missile Silos

Recently, CNN broadcasted a story by the United States Air Force. The Air Force claims that UFOs are appearing with an alarming frequency around our missile silos in recent weeks. This and many others that have been declared in recent months are cover-ups.

The UFO report is not new news. People in ancient times have seen strange lights in the sky. In our current day and age, people of various backgrounds and vocations make reports almost daily. The fact that sightings are only happening around our missile silos is also a fabrication. Sightings are occurring everywhere. UFO sightings occur around missile silos, lakes, mountains, cities, over farmlands, and even over the ocean. This has always been the case.

The Air Force is switching their strategies to upset the populace. The information that the Air Force has revealed has been common knowledge in certain circles for years. People from the military, as well as non-military personnel, have been trying to tell the world the truth for years. The question that arises from this news is what is the military trying to do.

The government uses several ploys to distract the populace. They have done so for years. The best ploy is to “reveal” some attention-grabbing tidbit that will distract the populace while they do something behind the scenes that the average American knows nothing about.

The United States is dangerously close to going to war with Iran. Iran is one of the countries that have nuclear bombs. By admitting to sights of UFOs and telling people that they are only around our nuclear missile silos, the government is already creating a cover story. We will most likely be going to war with Iran. The government will try negotiation first, of course.

If things go bad, the government will use a “strike them before they strike us” policy. Iran has never been too willing to negotiate with America. They may just refuse to negotiate and start their attack. In which case, they may realize that the only way they can do any damage to us is by launching one of their nukes. Our government is aware of this fact. The government may even launch one of our nukes at them first if things even look like they might go wrong.

If a nuclear missile was launched, the American people would rally together against the government. There would be a civil war. The American Government knows this. The story of UFOs congregating over our missile silos is a way to maintain control over the American populace. The government may believe that they have the perfect excuse. Launching a nuclear missile and blaming it on UFOs and aliens may sound like a reasonable cause to them.

The government does not realize that most people will see through their stories and propaganda. People should not be concerned about whether UFOs are real or not. Instead, direct attention to the military and the government.