Was the Apollo Moon Landing Real or a Hoax – Hoax

Was the moon landing a hoax? How could one country make the world believe that they did or did not land on the moon? Well let’s look at some other “factual” absolute truths that small countries had the world believe and let’s just see how crackpot “we that don’t believe” in the landing compare.

FACT: One small country proved scientifically for centuries that the Earth was the center of the Universe and the rest of the Universe revolved around it. Look it up: they were wrong.

FACT: One small country proved scientifically that the Earth was flat. Look it up: they were wrong.

FACT: For years scientists and scholars proved that the T-Rex was an ambush predator much like a carnivorous kangaroo. (I figured this out in the public library when I was in grade school and got a low score on a science paper saying that the T-Rex was a runner.) The WORLD believed this until some crackpots came up with the crazy notion of the T-Rex was an attacking, running creature. Look it up: they were wrong then got it right.

FACT: For years the Brontosaurus was proven to be what its bones made it look to be like. Wow, some crazy crackpots challenged that theory BECAUSE THEY FOUND THE PROPER HEAD! But the world believed that the Brontosaurus bones were correct.

FACT: One insane crackpot, totally out of his head according to the world scientific community and the common man, had this theory that teeny tiny UNSEEN creatures made us sick. This crackpot showed the world that GERMS existed. How could the world have been wrong!?

FACT: When a man who designs something, shows you how it would work, how it would not work, what you could and could not do with it, tells you that his invention could not have possibly taken pictures the way he designed it and it was used. Why? He must be a crackpot by saying the pictures from the moon could not be done by his invention! He’s insane!

There are so many historic “facts” that were proven wrong over the years, decades, and centuries why is it so hard for some to believe that ONLY nut cases and crackpots believe we DIDN’T land on the moon. I remember when I was in elementary school and we were being shown photos from the moon landing that JUST happened a few years before. I looked at the famous photo of the Earth reflecting in the face mask and asked the man how could there be a reflection when the light is coming from the other direction. He patted me on the head and pushed me along to show the next child.

I’ve seen the documentaries. I’ve grew up during the period of the moon landing. I even have 8 mm film showing me taking my first steps while they showed Armstrong stepping down on the moon (although it might have been my older brother) on our TV.

Why would the astronauts lie? Good question. Wonder how all the scholars and scientists treated the people who, against official believe, were treated after they proved the Earth was not flat? That the world was not the center of the universe? That’s right some burned at the stake, some thrown in prison. When you are ordered, ORDERED, to say something during the era that the moon landing took place (the cold war, the space race to get to the moon, etc.) and you disobey? Or some time in the future you decide to come clean? Wonder how you would be treated or your family or even the people who believed in you?

I would be madder then hell if I was being called a liar because of my orders and having to obey them when I was a man of integrity and honor. The Heroes who “went” to the moon to me are Heroes whether they went or not. I honor them. Neil Armstrong is one of my personal Heroes. Yet I still don’t believe we went to the moon and I haven’t since a few years after the actual landing.

I felt the same way that after centuries of Pluto being a planet, now suddenly it’s not. Scientific FACT: we must all believe that now, Pluto is not a planet even though we grew up thinking of it as one. Don’t be a crackpot and believe that Pluto is a planet because you’ll have to prove in a few decades that Pluto was or wasn’t a hoax.