Was the Apollo Moon Landing Real or a Hoax – Real

I am sick and tired of hearing this discussion of the Apollo Loon Landing being real or a hoax. The people who perpetrated this random act of irresponsibility when dealing with a historical issue such as the Apollo Moon Landing should talk with Neil Armstrong or NASA and make that ridiculous claim. John F. Kennedy promised that there will be a Man on the Moon before the end of the 1960’s and whatever promise he did not keep, this promise was surely kept.

There were people who were alive during the Apollo Moon Landing including myself. When I was seven years old in 1969 and spending the summer at my cousin’s house in Miami Florida, we were at Westchester Mall in Miami Florida when we heard people leaving for home or closing up shops to go to their homes to watch the Apollo Moon Landing. My cousins and I returned to her house so as to sit in front of the television set and watch history being made. It was an unforgettable site with people when we saw Neil Armstrong [the first man and the first Ohioan] to step out of the Apollo Spaceship and plant the flag of the United States of America on the Moon. Neil Armstrong later on said: “That is One Giant Step for Mankind”.

After the Moon landing; people wanted moon gear, Neil Armstrong Rings, and even there was a dance called the Moon Walk which for a child at seven years of age was a spontaneous example of insanity. I tried to find souvenirs to commemorate such a landing and my father found one for me in the form of an Extended Play Record which documented the speech by John F. Kennedy and the actual landing. The Extended Play Record [Compact Discs came twenty years later] even had a phone call from Richard Nixon to “Neil, Buzz…”. It was something that I will never forget even though I will be a forty six year old man on the fifth of March 2008. The Man on the Moon for me was an unforgettable experience and was later to serve as an inspiration for my science project in Third Grade [1970-1971] in which I constructed the Solar System with Marbles. It was the Solar System Project that was inspired from the Man on the Moon that was instrumental in my receiving first place in the Science Fair in my school.

I have another suggestion for those who think the Man on the Moon and Apollo Moon Landing was a hoax, get an evaluation from an expert in history or better yet, go and visit the Space Centers and learn about this most exciting time in history.