Was the Apollo Moon Landing Real or a Hoax – Real

Where a question has only two answers and each excludes the other, you need independently verifiable evidence. If some one asks if fish are wet, you can go to the ocean and find out. The same is true of the Moon landing.

I watched the Apollo landing as an elementary age child in Fort Carson, Colorado. A moment in time shared with hundreds of millions of viewers. Unlike a UFO dropping in on Buford in a trailer park, this was witnessed by most of the world. All of the best minds of the time had access to the same proof as I did, perhaps more. NASA had the rocket scientists to pull it off and spent the money developing the technology needed. I have even met some of those men and women who worked behind the scenes to make the flight happen. Most recently I met a Tuskegee Airman who went to work for NASA in the 50’s. He showed me the medallion he received for working on Apollo 11 and I read his citation. Rather elaborate dressing for a hoax, don’t you think?

America wasn’t so loved the world over that the leaders and scientists of other countries would play along with the gag – especially the brilliant scientists of the Soviet Union. If there were any way to prove this landing were faked, these men would have found it and exposed the lie for all the world to see. But they did no such thing. In light of the same evidence we have, the Soviet Union raised the white flag and gave up on going to the Moon. Actually, if it were possible to pull off such a fake, why wouldn’t Russians have followed our lead?

The final compelling piece of evidence that the landing took place is available to every person in the country. All you have to do is look up. There are commercially available telescopes easily within the price range of most people reading this; if you can afford a computer you can afford a CELESTRON 2,000mm telescope. Even more powerful scopes are on the market for a reasonable price. On a cloudless night, in a place far from the street lights, you can look on the face of the full Moon and see the things left behind by American visitors during the course of the series of Lunar landings. Don’t know where to look? You’re already on-line, GOOGLE it.