Should Smokers and the Obsese be Denied Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery – No

Should smokers and the obese be denied coronary artery bypass surgery? This would be like asking if an alcoholic should be denied medical treatment if he/she was dying of cirrhosis of the liver, or if a person got seriously hurt in an automobile accident, if they should receive medical treatment. The smoker or the obese may need the coronary artery bypass surgery not from their smoking or their obesity but from something that had “no” connection whatsoever to their smoking or obese situation. When a person is accepted for health/hospital insurance and they have passed their medical exams, why wouldn’t they be entitled to the surgery regardless of what happens to them. If they smoked or where overweight when they got the insurance coverage and they passed their medicals and were accepted for the insurance coverage, it’s “no” one’s business but the insurance company’s and the individuals.

Most of us get insurance at an early age in our lives and we pay for it throughout the years and we expect to be eligible for all of our medical issues. Who is to say who should be denied and who should be eligible for any insurance coverage except for the insurance company that has the coverage on the individual? Medical and hospital insurance coverage is extremely high and most of us have paid high premiums throughout the years to have this type of medical coverage. Why did we take out the coverage and suffer each month paying the premiums? We did this so we could rest at night when we laid our heads on our pillows to sleep because we knew without this coverage one serious illness in the hospital could cost us thousands of dollars and put us in debt for the rest of our lives.

Once people start getting denied for being a smoker or because they are obese, then the country will be in an absolute mess because everyone will be in the bread-lines needing assistance because they owe doctors and hospitals so much. I don’t believe it is up to anyone to say who should be denied or who should be accepted for any type of surgery, this should be up to the doctor who is treating his patient. Many people have done things in their life that they shouldn’t have done but should this deny them the right to go into the church house?

I believe too many people try to control other peoples lives and this causes massive problems for the public. It’s hard enough getting just part of our medical bills and hospital bills paid without someone trying to deny an individual for one reason or another. I know plenty of senior’s that are living day to day just trying to keep a roof over their head and pay for their prescription drugs, medicare insurance, and their insurance companies. My advice to those who like to start denying people of their rights is to mind their own business or they may be sitting on the other side and without getting any help when they need it.