Are Ufos Real – Real

To me, this is a foolish question and I have to stop and remind myself that some still believe that UFOs are a hoax. 

I find it strange, that if one witnesses a murder, their word is construed as ‘proof’. If five more witnesses are brought into the courtroom, and testify that they too witnessed the murder, the proof would be conclusive, without a doubt. 

Yet millions of people from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe have reported eye-witness accounts of encounters with these mysterious crafts – many with supporting films and photographs, and we STILL doubt their existence?  It’s a well-known fact that the military knows about the existence of UFOs, that many reports are ‘Top Secret’ and undisclosed to the general public.

It was back in the 1950s that I first heard of sightings, in Ohio. Did I believe it? Not really. I thought it was interesting, but no, I was too skeptical to believe anything I didn’t see with my own two eyes.  Still, the idea of aliens from another planet made for interesting conversation. 

I didn’t actually see one until the early 1970s. I actually witnessed three UFOs in the 70s. 

One was cigar-shaped that I saw hovering over a farm field. When I arrived at home, I called the police department to report this – they said they would check it out – I heard no more about it, and sincerely doubt that they checked it out at all. 

One I saw, when I heard a loud whirling sound, coming home at night down a dark road. The sky lit up behind me, and I stopped my car – looking out my back window I saw a huge silver round object hovering over a creek bed, next to a bridge.  I quickly drove away – glancing back at the still bright light. 

The third one I saw when leaving a department store with my children.  This, also, was at night. Right above the department store was a round, silver saucer-type object – it had round porthole-type, lighted windows all around the middle of the craft.  My children saw this too, and have never forgotten it.  It was not all that far above the department store.  We left the parking lot, still looking at it, and headed for home. All the way home, the object was still in the sky – as though it were following us.  I arrived at my parent’s house to drop off items they had me pick up for them. In the sky, right above the street in front of their house – the object was still there. I had my father come outside to look.  All he said was “Yep, that’s what it is.”  It always surprised me that he wasn’t more surprised than he was. I often wondered about this?  

Around this same time, my sister’s brother-in-law, who was a policeman in Wyoming, Ohio along with another fellow officer, reported an encounter with a UFO that had come down to ‘tree-top’ level.  This was in all of the newspapers. 

One last incident was that of two women, on their way home from church, one Sunday night. One of the women was my brother-in-law’s aunt. The sighting, and lost account of time, was so spectacular that the ladies were on the Johnny Carson show, telling of their encounter. After spotting the UFO, they had lost time and both had marks on their necks. 

So, do I believe UFOs are a hoax? I believe that many of the writings and sightings are.. but speaking for myself, as a witness for the defense.. I say they certainly are real.