Resubmit Ufos will we ever know the Truth

Today, most people have their own opinions about UFOs. Many will say they believe there is alien life in the universe. Others will say there is not life in the universe, but scientists find new planets every day, making opinions change. Although there are numerous different galaxies in the universe, scientists have no solid evidence that there is alien life.

In the same way as opinions, there are many different theories about what UFOs and abductions are. Scientists and ufologists have investigated UFO sightings/abductions and have found that the people who claim to be abducted and see UFOs are mentally stable and well educated which helps prove the theory that UFOs are from aliens (Haisch 1). Moreover, during Project Blue Book thousands of UFO cases were identified as airplanes, jets, and other human aircrafts (Clark 278). The other 700 that were claimed “unidentified” are supposedly alien’ incidents (Clark 278). While the two main theories about UFOs are that they are mistaken airplanes and aliens, another theory is that it is the person’s imagination or a vivid dream (Clark 13). In most of these dreams the person sees strange things that they have never seen before which leads them to believe that they had sighted or been abducted by an alien. However, even after centuries of seeing UFOs there has never been solid proof as to what exactly these UFOs are.

Furthermore, an important, history-changing crash that occurred was the Roswell, New Mexico crash of 1947. This famous crash is said to be the first major government cover-up. Many witnesses and other military officers reported that the crashed object was a flying disc supposedly from space (Wilson 81). Government officials however claim that it wasn’t a flying disc and that it was simply a weather balloon (Wilson 81). The evidence of this crash will most likely be found at the National Reconnaissance Office and the CIA, but there is no guarantee that you will have access to it (Wilson 85). A great example of the public withdrawing previously classified information is Project Blue Book. Project Blue Book was a government group that investigated UFO cases from 1947 (the same year as the Roswell crash) through 1969 (Randles 193). Between that twenty-two year period they investigated approximately 12,600 UFO sightings, but only 700 of those were claimed “unidentified” (Clark 278). In 1976 the “classified” information from Project Blue Book became “declassified”. With the information of thousands of UFO cases, the public quickly received the information bringing back a short UFO era (Randles 193). The first UFO era, which was not real long either, started in the 1880s during the Industrial Revolution (Randles 14). The main UFO era started in 1947 after the Roswell crash and lasted for many years, but it seems that every time an era ends the government leaks out supposed classified information which soon starts a new one.

Since there are thousands of UFO reports every year, not everyone sees only discs in the sky. Discs are the most popular and were some of the first reported types (Clark 9-10). Cigar-shaped UFOs were the second most common and were usually huge in size (Clark 9-10). Boomerang-shaped types were similar to discs in size, but the wings on them were normally reported long (Clark 9-10). Yet another UFO similar to the discs and boomerangs is the triangle shape. Triangle-shaped UFOs are generally the same size of discs and boomerangs and moves similar to them (Clark 9-10). A commonly reported UFO type is odd-acting lights in the sky. These sizes vary and usually move in strange paths real fast. These reports usually become identified, as the majority of these are simple mistaken identities. In addition to the different types of UFOs there are also different types of reported aliens seen. Many people in Britain who claimed to be abducted said the aliens were tall with blonde hair and blue eyes (Randles 223). In the Far East they were only a few inches in height (Randles 223). South American reports were dwarf-like and covered in hair (Randles 223). North America reports usually were of children’s size and had large heads (Randles 223). Although many had reported that these things seen were real, scientists say that these “aliens” are not even solid beings and can communicate telepathically to make you see what they want you to see and what they want you to hear.

Since there have been new planets and galaxies found, scientists continue to search for alien life. Currently there have been at least 161 planets orbiting other stars and we are trying to determine which have life and which do not. In our solar system scientists have found water on other planets. Europa, Jupiter’s moon, has frozen fresh water on its surface. Also on Mars there is proof that there was once rivers and lakes, but now they have all dried up (Triplett 199). They suggest that it was once flowing with water and supported life (Triplett 199). Scientists believe that many of these “aliens” could be from various different galaxies. A very excellent support for these ideas is that astronomers have discovered many different galaxies and have said that there are many more still undiscovered, with this information there is a great chance that there is life somewhere in the universe (Triplett 199). Scientists also have ruled out 10% of the solar systems found as being unlike ours while the 90% is like ours and can support life (Irion 26).

Along with the reported flying UFOs there have also been reported UFO crashes. Although there were a few hoax crashes, there were also many crashes that had been located with the remains still there as proof. One anonymous retired military officer admitted to have touched the remains of a supposed alien spacecraft that was in “our” possession (Haisch 1). The famous Roswell crash had remains of the UFO still there also. Studies done over these UFOs and the locations at which they crashed showed high levels of radiation and burns beneath the soil. Countless retired officers have said that remains of alien spacecrafts are held inside the Wright-Patterson Hangar. Not only were remains of the UFOs themselves recovered, but also alien bodies have been seen near or at crash sites. At the Roswell crash there were four gray-skinned humanoid bodies that were ejected from the UFO on impact (Clark 73). There were also many reports of alien bodies in the Wright-Patterson Hangar. One former pilot was in the hangar when a DC-7 arrived there with 5 crates, 2 of them already open (Clark 76). Inside the pilot saw a small humanoid on a fabric stretched over bed of dry ice (Clark 76). They were also similar to other reports of aliens, appearance wise (Clark 76).

Throughout all the years of UFO reports, our government has always commented on them as being hoaxes. Many say that the government says these things as cover-us when really they are not hoaxes. Although there is no proof that the government has for sure been covering up UFO crashes/sighting, there is proof that it is possible for the government to pull off decades long cover-ups without being caught. One of the most famous government “cover-up” was the Roswell crash. Instead of it being a flying disc the government said it was a weather balloon that had crashed. The government has also said that all the military officers who claim that they have seen UFO/alien remains were all lying. The government has a logical explanation for every UFO occurrence while witnesses say they know what they saw. The government plays a bigger role in UFOs than just calling them all hoaxes however. In recent years president Bush had plans to build a research lab on Mars (Triplett 200). This research lab will hold scientists in a living condition on Mars, which will allow them to research Mars more accurately (Triplett 205). They later plan to use Mars to observe the different planets to determine if life was once there of if the planet can possibly support life (Triplett 205). Even though humans have studied UFOs for nearly a century, the public has no idea who to believe about UFOs. Neither side, the alien believers nor non-alien believers, have enough proof to make facts yet. Hopefully someday people will find truth behind UFOs instead of opinions. Maybe one day we will find evidence of alien life or of evidence of all sightings/crashes being Earth crafts. For now we will continue to study one of the World’s greatest wonder and hold our own opinions.

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