Famous UFO Hoaxes

There have a number of UFO hoaxes during mans time on earth. Not to many of them were famous. I believe that there would be only one famous hoaxes. It is hard to fake a lot things when it comes to UFOs. They fly at speeds and angles that our aircrafts can’t .

Crops are a big debate now days. I do believe that crop circles are from aliens. Just not all of them. Doug Bower and David said they had made all the crops in england starting in 1978. They were ages 67 and 62 in 1991 when they finally confused. They had claimed to have left their initials in some the crop circles they made.

They had claimed to make over 250 circles. They said that they decide to make the hoaxes after sitting in a pub one night. They were never caught in the act of making the crop circle. There wives never even found of new of them messing at night. The tools they used were two wood plank boards, a ball of string, and piece of wire on a baseball cap. The medal is what the focused on to make perfectly straight lines.

They used the tram lines to make the crop circles. The tram lines were left by tractors watering the crops. They also said that when it came to the part that did not cross the tram line that decide to jumped or pole-vault over to the standing area where they would start. Which this meant they were pole-vaulting at distance equivalent to that in the Olympics. This means that they had to jump at least 35 feet.

They even demonstrated in 1991 how they ho had made the circles. This they did in bright daylight. This showed that did know what they were doing. This also showed others how to do it as well. They had claimed to start the crop circle phenomenon. They did not know that crop circles have been documented as early as the 16th and 17th century folklore.

1750 crop circles where left without knowing how they were made in england and in other places in the world. The men retired from making crop circles in 1991. In 1992 the crops circles started back again. the media gave it a lot less attention this time. Many people throughout the world still believed that man was making them. It seemed a lot easier to believe this. No one ever confessed to them. Dave and Doug had a goal to con the world for a laugh. They did get their laugh. The world fell for their con.