UFO Contact are we Ready

We humans are a very funny race. We are as terrified of the unknown as we are curious of it. Imagine a small child standing at the door to his basement, his ear pressed hard against the cold, white wood, as he listens, shivering, to the strange yet soothing voices calling to him from the depths. This picture might represent the whole of humanity. We are that small child, being compelled by mysteries, but still too distant and afraid to open the door, to walk down those stairs, and to meet the unknown face to face.

UFO’s are probably one of the greatest and most impossible-to-ignore enigmas of our time. We are flirting with it constantly. Are UFOs real? Are there in fact advanced extra terrestrial civilizations who are attempting to make contact with us Earthlings? And if there are, what do they want with us, and why don’t they make a more official greeting to the whole of humanity? The answer to that last question is simple. We are not ready yet. However, and this is a huge, monstrous, Jack and the Beanstalk sized however, in a way, we are ready. We need only realize it.

Alright. So it might be a little more than uncomfortable to wake up one morning, yawning as you wander outdoors to retrieve the morning newspaper, only to have a little green man with almond eyes hand you the paper and send you a telepathic greeting using his mind. “Er honey”, you may cautiously scream, “do you want to come outside and meet the new neighbors?!”. But if we can get over the initial fear and shock of first contact with extra terrestrials, many new doors can open up for us. And at this point in our evolution, we are in great need of new doors and new openings.

It is clear, judging by fears of global warming and economic crisis, by failing educational, governmental, and medical institutions; life as we have known it is changing. Hopefully, it is changing for the better. Cities will become more sustainable. Healthcare and education will become more holistic. We will learn to live in greater harmony, peace, and reverence with the natural environments around us. Governments will become more concerned with humanity than power.

But imagine a civilization, or many civilizations of extra terrestrial intelligences, which have already gone through this shaky and unstable phase of their evolutionary cycles. Perhaps they went through these phases thousands, if not millions of years ago. They were once planet-bound like we are now, and experienced the turmoil of living in a way that was very disconnected to nature. Their technologies got the better of them, and they began to unwittingly destroy and dominate the life around them. However, they managed to overcome these crises, and they have learned how to live in peaceful, sustainable, and harmonious ways. Not only that; they have evolved their science to allow for intergalactic travel and colonization, and are now galactic civilizations, citizens of nothing more or less than our very universe itself.

If these civilizations are attempting to contact us today, we must learn to overcome our fear and become more receptive to our older space brothers and sisters. Not only can they help and support us to solve many of our global problems: they can be our guides to many wondrous new adventures in our universe. If we are not ready, now is the time to be ready. It is time we let our curiosity get the better of us. I believe it is our destiny, us 21st centurier’s, to become the midwives to a cosmic human culture; one that is responsible, sustainable, compassionate, and widely explorative. And who better to help us, than races of advanced intelligence from outer space, who are ultimately made up of the very same energy that we are?