Why would the us Military Cover up UFO Sightings

UFO sightings have been one of the most popular media news stories for generations and this is all due to the fact that the general public and the current consumer generation adore reading and learning about anything that is out of the norm. The media make money every time they post a cover story of a UFO sighting whether an upfront earning or based on revenue from their readers. Almost everyone, even the sceptics, enjoys reading about UFO sightings and therefore, it is a paranormal phenomenon that pays. This is however one of the reasons that the United states government may cover up a UFO sighting.

The most famous UFO cover up of all time is obviously the Roswell UFO incident which took place on July 7, 1947, and still to this day is a talked about topic with so much conspiracy and military cover-up behind it, and for what purpose? In the event that the Roswell incident was actually real and a visitor from outer space was actually recovered from the wreckage on that fateful day, if the details were released, it would have indeed been a popular story for a while, but the fact that the details remain sketchy to this day still means that documentaries and cover stories on the incident are still happening, thus meaning the mystery surrounding the situation is still generating money over 5 decades since its occurrence.

The day the United States government publicised that the Roswell UFO was actually a weather balloon; they subsequently created one of the biggest government cover-ups in the history of recorded time. This subsequently generated profit and income for the government and the media sources that cover it and still does to this day. Did they simply see that giving us a conspiracy story to theorize would be more beneficial than telling us the actual truth?

The government may have countless reasons for covering up a UFO sighting from the protection from panic of the public which could cause riots and global disturbance, but when it comes to the fact that UFO sightings are one of the most popular media cover stories of all time due to the fact that the market of the unknown and the paranormal is so easy to deliver, one of the most likely reasons the government may cover up a UFO sighting is because of the profit involved. Media outlets profit by writing about UFO sightings and subsequently, the government also profits from them. However, in a money driven world, will the truth ever be revealed?