How to let go of someone you Love

You must first admit that the person wasn’t any good for you? The relationship made you go against all your better judgement. Realize that if the person had love you eually to the way you loved, you wouldn’t need to let go. This person doesn’t share your feelings and they never did. If they’d had you would not have all of these questions, so if that person doesn’t care for you the same how can the relationship ever progress? It can’t because your mate isn’t putting the effort into it the way you are.

God is in our lives for a reason to show us things were to blind to see, because we tend to overlook things our mate does so that we want be forced to make a decision whether this person is right for me. We hold onto the bad and it isn’t healthy being able to see things the way they really are is the key to letting go. If you constantly remind yourself of the good in the person how will you ever face up to the problem in front of you? When you love someone yes it’s hard to say goodbye but this is the only way to move on, because there is better out there for you. You just can’t see it because you want to believe this person will change and it will be everything i want.

How long will you wait? Until it’s too late! Having faith in god will surely lead you to a better place, if you continue to hurt yourself when god has given you all the you need to go forward, that questions your faith. Have faith in your father to only do whats best for you and not what will hurt you. No doubt it’s going to hurt to accept someone as they are and be able to move on, but surely the reward is great. Peace, happiness, forgiveness, are all the rewards you’ll reap from having faith that there is someone out there for you to love you and treat you exactly the way you should be. We just go through experiences to get there, because it makes you strong and not weak being able to not cheat yourself just to gain someone’s love. When you change your values and self for another person you are belittling yourself. Believe in yourself and love yourself first before you can love someone else. I am in the process of letting go so I’m not just preaching to the choir but inspiring myself to what I know is right.