How to let go of someone you Love

Do we really find it hard to let go of a relationship that is going nowhere? Sometimes the only reason that we stay in a relationship is because of the love we have for that person. We love them too much to let go eventhough the relationship is going nowhere.

Most of us can find it very hard to realize that we have to end a relationship. The whole reason behind being involved with someone is to fall in love and eventually get married. Once you see that there is no chance of getting married that’s when you should end the relationship. There’s no need to hope that things will change because the decision to get married does not just happen overnight. It takes time and may never even come. None of us wants to be in a relationship that just isn’t going anywhere. That’s when you two need to sit down and have “the talk”. During this little talk you both have to be honest and say what it is that you really want from the relationship. Once you know that it’s not the same that’s when you have to let it go. It may be hard in the beginning, but realizing that you’re doing what will make you happy will ease the pain a little.

Many times so many of us have become heavily involved witth someone and things seem to be going perfect. That’s when the question of where the relationship is going will come up. Some people never want to get married and they only want to “have fun” no matter how old they may be. Marriage just isn’t for everyone and you have to remember this.

You’re letting go for your own good and future happiness. The longer that you try to hold on to a dead end relationship, the longer it will take for you to get past the hurt. You have to start the healing process as soon as possible. You have to make yourself available to experience another relationship that may actually go somewhere. You just can’t cry over spilled milk anymore. You just have to clean it up and pour yourself another glass.

Just make up your mind one day and leave and never look back. You’re going after what you want not what doesn’t want you.