How to let go of someone you Love

Letting go of someone you love is a bit like ripping your own heart out of your chest but still being alive afterwards.

Letting go of someone you love is a totally emotional thing. It may be that you have had to make a decision about your relationship, or a child or anybody really that you hold an emotional bond with and that for a particular reason you have had to distance yourself from.

It is a strange feeling to let go of someone you love. Instinctively you want to reach out and hang on to that person for dear life. You want to hold them and keep them near. But sometimes holding on to a person because we love them can be ultimately more harmful to us on an emotional and physical level than if we wasn’t with them anymore and in the end we have to make a painful choice of self preservation.

How do you let go? It is hard. Some people just can’t do it. For example, some women remain in abusive relationships because of the love they have for their partner, parents smother their children and refuse to let them get on with their own lives because they love them so much. Sometimes you have to look at the whole picture and think to yourself what is this act of love doing for the both of you? Love should be a wonderful nurturing, growing and self developing thing. If it has been allowed to become stagnated, rigid, and controlled, with no growth or spiritual development what is that doing to you as a person? What is it doing to other loved ones who are near? Sometimes you have to let go of someone you love because of the love you have for others.

Letting go of someone you love is a good thing. It is self autonomous, it means that you have made that decision yourself and you can come to terms with it because you didn’t have it forced upon you. Letting someone go can be the ultimate show of love you love them that much that you will let them go if they will have a better life without you. Letting someone go whom you love is going completely against your emotional nature is an overwhelmingly hard thing to do. To be able carry out such an amazing action shows dignity, courage and bravery.

Letting someone go who you love can bring so much sorrow… and yet paradoxically so much peace. It is hard. Know that what you are doing is for the best. Know that when you do this, in spite of the love you have for them, will ultimately bring good.