How to let go of someone you Love

Letting go of someone that you love is hard, no matter what the circumstances are involved in how you have lost them from your lives. They may have died, gone missing or you may have broken up from a relationship. All of these circumstances can leave you feeling as though there is an empty space that the other used to fill.

Letting go is different for different people. Especially when it comes to the time that it takes to do so.

We never let go until we are ready to. By this I don’t mean that we make a decision to do so and that’s that. I mean that we all have a natural time when it is right for us to let go.

The grieving process can lead us through different stages, before our hearts hurt a little less and we can continue on with our lives as before.

We may be angry at the other person for leaving us. We may imagine that we see them in a crowd, even when we know that this is not possible.

Eventually, although it never feels possible at the time, we may suddenly catch ourselves laughing and smiling again or enjoying an activity. We may stop and reflect on what that means and even feel a flicker of guilt. But we need to realize that this is a natural process and that we can move on and yet always hold the special memories of the ones that we love within our hearts. In that way, a part of them and our experience of having been with them is carried on.