How to let go of someone you Love

Letting go of someone you love is hard from losing a loved one to a first love. Everyone has the capacity to love in some sort of way because we all have hearts. Like no other sin is greater than the next, no other love can be. One needs to know how to let go because serious things such as depression could occur. How to let go of someone you love is not taught. Every time one lets go it just happens with time. Letting go is never mastered because the pain is new every time.

Letting go of a relative is hard because one will never see that person’s face again. People refused to let go of someone they love such as their children or parent’s. The grieving stage can go from crying to anger. First try to think of the relative as him/her being in a better place. Having a strong faith helps, so you may want to go to your local church to pray. Also think about attending benevolence counseling. If you are creative making a scrapbook of the relative with old and new pictures in them may help. You could show it to his/hers future grandkids. If not during a scrapbook is something you would want to do, then create some kind of memorial for that someone you loved, such as a foundation or fund. ( if they had diabetes, then donated to the American Diabetes Foundation).

There are some other ways to let go of someone that you love. Visit his/her gravesite and talk put flowers on the gravesite. This shows that you are thinking of him/her (but angels always know). Letting go over someone so close is always hard, but remember that their spirit is with you.

Letting go of someone that was your first love is a little different. People are very young when they first fall in love, so their feelings are very fragile. They are young and often naive. Break-ups do occur and the first one of someone’s life may be heart-wrenching.

Crying constantly, and not eating may also occur. If feelings of death occur seek professional help. Getting over and letting go of your first love is arduous. So follow these steps. Stop all contact with him/her until you have sorted your feelings out. Then when you feel ready talk to them about your feelings. If both of you feel its best, then continue to be friends. Staying friends is different for every situations. It may be a Catch 22 because it may hurt to be his/her friend and hurt because you all are friends, so think carefully.

Remember, “it is better to have loved, than to have not loved at all”.