How to let go of someone you Love

Letting go of someone you love and lost, to either death or divorce,changes you in a way that may not be explainable. Positive for the divorcee’s, At least you can see the person. I know you say, that it is broken relationship, but you all know that you are going to have feelings for the divorcee.

Death is permanent. Harder to let go, too. My husband passed away one year ago, but I still sleep with his Tennessee jersey. I still smell him when I hold the jersey.

There is yet another way of letting go of someone. They need their freedom. If you don’t let them go a little, you will choke them to death. Just like the Foreign song, “Hold on loosely, but don’t let go”

To avoid keeping a tight rope on someone, let them know that they can go where they want, and still come home. And, no, I am not referring that you should let them cheat, then they come home like nothings ever happened. I mean, let him go out with friends once a month, away from you. If you spouse goes away, and you don’t treat them like dirt, he may see that you cared enough on his/her feelings.

Letting go of a loved one that died, is a little more complex. You can get them back. You can’t talk to them. That’s final. Let them go, of the heartache you have because they are not in your life anymore.

Just remember, if it was meant to be, than letting them go will not change that they need a break. If it is a sexual problem, then you can fix that. You just need to tell your spouse, why don’t we try it this way. The worst they could say is no. Then finf out what they wanted in the bedroom, and say because you did this for me on Monday night, I want to make sure you have your need. Don’t mock at any of the things your partner wants to do.

You can alternate whose turn it is, or no games and just have it like you use to. One of the most important advice on this subject. Do not tell or talk to anyone outside your bed to anyone else. Talk to your spouse. This keeps a reason to talk to your spouse.

If all else fail, just give them their freedom. If they come back to you, then he will be yours. If he/she does not come back, then it was over before they told you. You need to be independent and rely on what your gut tells you to do.