How to let go of someone you Love

Letting go of someone you love is something you would do if you truly loved them!
This topic of discussion reaches far into the heart of anyone who may have experienced such a thing and an insight for those who haven’t.
As we take our journey of life we regularly face this. It’s not just all about physically letting them go, there is also an emotional side, that a lot of us have trouble with, as it represents a void in our life that wasn’t there before.
When we lose a love one. The emotional effects can be quite devastating. However, me must grow strong and learn to adjust our lives, so that such a loss does not destroy us.
I would like to focus my article on the loss of a loved one, weather it be to death or the union of love you might have had once, is no longer there.
The loss as a result of death, is quite often easier to accept. It was two years ago, when I lost my last grandparent. I know it was all the things she did, that were part of my life that upset me the most. Like no more knitted jumpers, conversations or simply sharing Christmas presents. This was the part that was hard for me, but it was something I just accepted, as I knew no matter how upset I became, she would stay in heaven.
The other loss, that I feel really impacts on people, is when they lose a loved one, due to the loved one simply not loving them anymore. They know this person still exists and as their love for this person has not burnt out, they find life hard as this person still shares their world.
I have had my heart broken. I still think of the love that could have been. Yet it was only one way. It made me write poems, learn words to songs. it nearly made me go round the bend. However, I soon realized that the more I thought about it, the more it would tear me up inside. I still love that woman, even though I’m not with her anymore, I know she would be happier without me. If you truly love someone that does not love you back, you must move on, be happy that they will be happier this way. If they ever feel the love that you do, than you know darn well they will be part of your life again. So be happy for them and realize this is what love is all about.
Doing anything for the one you truly love!